Nine-month journey nearing an end

Less than 20 days of a 275-day journey remain.

I’m not quite ready for this journey to end, but I am so excited for what the next season holds.

The last few weeks have been some of the craziest of this journey, but I am so thankful to have some of the greatest encouraging people to walk through those weeks with me.

The Lord has revealed so much to me about himself, so I am going to share 20 things that he has taught me over the last few weeks.

1. Jesus calls me to do what I can and requires me to trust him with the rest.

2. Taking things day to day is much easier than looking at the big picture. I can’t say “Yes” to 20 days, but I can say “Yes” to today.

3. Sometimes, it is hard to love those around you, but loving them and extending grace is what I am called to do.

4. Power can stand against the Lord. He will always win.

5. Our lives function without Jesus in the United States because they can. In missions, I have been put in a place where I can only rely on the Lord.

6. What it looks like to be a person who actually goes to the Lord and being a person who prays before I speak and prays before I act and am filled with complete grace.

7. To fully trust the Lord in times when trusting him seems nearly impossible.

8. To fight to see the purpose of the Lord in every situation.

9. The Lord walks us through hard times to teach us more about him.

10. Steadfast pursuit of the Lord through the hard times.

11. Gratitude. How to live a life of thankfulness.

12. Learning how to not be fearful and fully depending on the Lord during times of spiritual warfare.

13. To only be a part of conversations that glorify the Lord and are uplifting to others.

14. How to believe that “Greater is he who is in me.”

15. Only the Lord’s words define me, and he is the ultimate judge.

16. How to walk in full surrender and braveness in him.

17. How powerful the joy of the Lord is in the midst of fear.

18. He is a god of provision, faithfulness and blessings.

19. His plan is so much greater than anything I could ever plan on my own.

20. The Lord loves our sacrifices for him, and he honors them.

In less than 20 days, I will be in Seymour, and I am so excited to bring back everything that I have learned and am continuing to learn to share with everyone around me.

Please continue praying for the last 20 days of my sweet journey with Jesus.