Letter: Banning guns doesn’t stop mass shootings


To the editor:

The killing of school children in Florida should never have happened. It should have been prevented. There is a lot of blame to go around. The FBI, the Broward County (Florida) Sheriff, the school itself all should share in the blame.

When such a tragedy occurs everyone wants to ban guns. Hitler took the guns away from the German people. The German people became defenseless against the Nazis.

If guns were banned in the United States then only the crooks and terrorists would have guns. They will always find a way to buy a gun on the black market or overseas and the general public would be defenseless.

You would probably be surprised to know how many people you are friends with that carry a gun legally. Many of them are females who carry a gun for protection. With carrying a gun comes the responsibility of learning all the safety precautions as well as the proper use and care of the gun.

I am sure better gun control laws are coming and there should be some changes. If it is true, one big loop hole needs to be closed. I have heard that at gun shows there are licensed dealers with booths and there are other booths offering guns for sale that are not licensed and the non-licensed dealers are not required to do background checks on their gun buyers. Where do you suppose the potential terrorist buys his guns?

Phil Cordes


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