Even when life is hard, you still are good

One of the biggest things I have learned on this journey is how crazy good the Lord is to us. What a god my God is.

One of the hardest things as a Christian is finding the Lord in the hard things. It is hard. But even when things are hard, we have to remember the Lord is still good. And sometimes, we don’t realize how good the Lord actually is until way later. But that’s OK because in the days when we don’t recognize his goodness, he is still there fighting for us, loving us, chasing us.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember the Lord is good when everything around us is bad, but we have to remember the Lord uses everything for his good, and there is a reason for everything.

Sometimes, we don’t see it now, but his promise is he will always reveal it. It might be today, it might be five years from now, but trust me, he knows what he’s doing when we don’t know what we are doing.

We have to find the Lord’s goodness wherever we are at and in whatever we are doing. When we decide to believe the Lord is good no matter how we feel, everything in our lives changes.

The reality is that Jesus wins every day. He never promised it would be easy. What he did promise were trials, tribulations and hard times. But through those hard times, we would see his goodness, his power and his glory. Satan has no place in your world because Jesus wins. Jesus fights for us. He chose the nails for you. He chose the nails for me.

The world is shaken, but you will not be shaken. Your heart might be breaking, but you are not broken. We have a God of miracles. Where there is God, there is no room for Satan. We have a God who takes our weakness and fills it with strength. We have to stop looking out and start looking up to recognize the goodness of the Lord.

Each day of recognizing the Lord’s goodness makes me want to live a life where people know I’ve spent time with Jesus. Go crazy getting to know God and you will see his goodness each and every day.

You might be wondering why I am talking about this, but this is part of a conversation I had with a guy in Malawi when he asked, “How can you tell me that Jesus loves me when I live in the conditions that I do?”

And I said, “OK, Jesus, speak through me.” And this is what he gave me. I knew this journey was going to be hard in many ways, but what I didn’t know was how hard it was going to be to answer questions of this sort. But all I did was allow the Lord to speak, and he did.

But Jesus, even when it’s hard, you are still good.

Keia Blair is a Seymour native who attends Cincinnati Christian University. During her nine-month mission trip around the world, she is submitting a series of blogs that will appear in The Tribune. Send comments to [email protected].

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