Steve Greene’s Column for February 3


Who is Jesus?

Paul’s speech to the people in Athens (Acts 17) was met with two primary responses. One group sneered and walked away, while others were curious. They wanted to hear more about this “unknown” God Paul was telling them about.

Remember, Paul wasn’t a believer himself at first. For the first few years, he did everything he could to stamp out this cult called Christianity. Then one day, he met the risen Jesus. That’s when everything changed in Paul’s life.

When it comes to the starting point for the Christian faith, there’s really just one question that matters. The question that forms the foundation for starting, restarting or maintaining your Christian faith is as simple as this: “Who is Jesus?”

Ultimately, this is the question we must all answer. Who is Jesus? Regardless of what has happened in the past, regardless of who let you down or the church that didn’t measure up or the person who taught you wrong or what happened along the way … Who is Jesus?

When Paul left the hill that day, he left the people wrestling with that question. I wonder, have you answered it? Are you ready to answer it now? Who is Jesus?

When it comes to your faith journey, what is your next step? It is a question that easily gets pushed to the back burner, but it is a question that demands an answer. It is a question we will all have to answer at some point in time.

If your faith has not begun, what will it take for you to step across the line today? If your faith is just getting started, what will it take for you to take the next step? And if you have been on your faith journey for a long time, is it possible you have started to stall out in your spiritual growth?

If so, what are you going to do about that? How can you get back on track? What steps should you take to move things forward in your relationship with God today?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is what changes everything. It changes the way we view heaven and Earth. It changes the way we value things in this life. It changes the way we think about the afterlife. It changes the way we think, the way we act and the way we live today.

Maybe this could be the beginning of a new day for you when it comes to having a close, personal relationship with God.

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