Sheriff collecting used cellphones


The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services will be collecting cellphone and accessories July 23 to 29 during the Jackson County Fair.

All cellphones, regardless of age or model, may be dropped off at the sheriff’s department building. They will be passed on to Turning Point.

Turning Point then will convert some of the phones into emergency phones that they give to victims of domestic violence which allow them call 911. The phones are only used for that purpose, and no other types of calls can be made on those phones. All information stored in the donated phones is cleared out of the phone’s system before being used as emergency cellphones.

Cellphones that can’t be switched to such emergency phones are sent to a recycling company. Any proceeds from those phones after the recycling company is finished with them is sent back to Turning Point to help with domestic violence programs and services.

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