Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – July 29


Customer service

Thumbs-up to Aldi in Seymour. Holy amazing customer service. After I posted on Facebook about leaving my groceries in the car overnight and having to throw them all out, a manager at our local Aldi reached out to me here and offered to replace all my lost items. I was so touched that they would not only offer to replace my items free of charge, especially when it was my fault they spoiled, but also that this man took the time to reach out to me and make the offer to do so. Aldi, you’ve won my heart once again. All your gluten free goodies, killer prices and now this? It’s official. I’m yours. Forever. Just add this to the 5,973,578 reasons I love Indiana. And the Midwest in general.

Justine Jameson, Seymour

Hard work pays off

Thumbs-up to everyone including the hundreds of 4-H youth, who took the time to enter one of the contests at the Jackson County. Your efforts along with the efforts of all the volunteers are the reason why the Jackson County Fair continues to be one of the best in the state.


Thumbs-up to Duke Energy and their employees, Jaime Land, James Hall, Josh Menefee, Luke Hanner, Tyler Norman, Jordan Diss and Alex Eddy, and a special thumbs-up to Pat Reinhart and Angela Nienaber, Duke’s district operations supervisor, for organizing a program to repair the tower lights at the city pool at Shields Park in time for the annual Pepsi Plunge.

Seymour Park & Recreation Department officials

Paying it forward

Thumbs-up to Seymour Knights of Columbus Council 1252 for paying it forward by purchasing an ultrasound machine for Clarity, which used to be known as the Pregnancy Care Center, in North Vernon. The Shelbyville K of C Council 822 purchased an ultrasound machine for Seymour’s Clarity pregnancy care center earlier this year.

A sign of the times

Thumbs-down to people who damage or steal signs from local parks, cemeteries and other places. Many operate on limited budgets and don’t have the money to repair or replace those signs.

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