Mother’s Day Walk and Talk


Mother’s Day is Sunday.

First-graders in Ashley Spicer’s class at Crothersville Elementary School were asked “What makes your mother special?”

Here are some of their responses:

“I love my mom because she lets me do the dishes. P.S., she cleans my room.” Olivia Wilp of her mother, Amanda Wilp

“I love my mom. She lets me have cookies whenever I want.” Kaylie Prince of her mother, Jessica Murphy

“She feeds me healthy food, and my mom makes sure I go to school.” Jazlin Gibson of her mother, Chrissy Gibson

“My mom is special because she had me. My mom is special because she always helps me with my homework.” Jude Howard of his mother, Jessica Luedeman

“My mom is the best mom in the world. She makes me my lunch and dinner and breakfast, and I love her.” Mason Moorman of his mother, Kelly Moorman

“My mom likes to exercise on the treadmill. She likes to cross a bridge and look at the water.” Kamren Maxie of his mother, Staci Maxie

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