Teaching moment


Medora High School teacher Pat Bahan rarely misses a chance to use a current event for a teaching moment.

In February, the U.S. history and government teacher took some of his students to nearby Brownstown Central High School for a visit by a three-member panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals’ Appeals on Wheels program.

On Tuesday, Bahan voted early at the Carr Township polling site in Medora Christian Church next to Medora High School but vowed to bring his students back later in the day.

“And let the ones who are 18 vote,” he said.

Bahan said he knew none of his students younger than 18 would be allowed into the site.

That age restriction, however, didn’t keep Josie Elizabeth Ross out of the polling site at the courthouse in Brownstown.

At 16 months, Ross may have been one of the youngest people to enter a polling site in the county Tuesday. Ross was with her grandparents, Mike and Jo Gail Ross, of Brownstown.

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