There isn’t anywhere Baylee Robinson would rather be in the spring after school than at the Seymour High School softball field preparing for her next game or playing in a game.

She is in her fourth season as the Owls’ varsity catcher.

Robinson has played travel ball every year and began playing when she was a 3-year-old.

“I like being in charge,” Robinson said. “I love having a leadership role, so I like being able to know everything that’s going on. I love catching.”

Robinson said the coaches go over scouting reports with the team.

“Most of the defensive adjustments you know,” she said. “We know who is coming up, and whenever the other team is ‘slapping’ we don’t have to call that.”

In games, Robinson keys in on her pitchers’ strengths and weaknesses.

The senior calls different pitches based on who is at the plate from the opposing team.

Robinson said she calls some of the pitches, while assistant coach Jay Schmidt calls some from the dugout

She said if a certain hitter on an opponent hits a line drive to left field, she will have her pitcher change location of her pitches during that players’ next at-bat.

“If she’s a lefty, and we pitch it outside and she hits it over there, we’ll pitch her inside next time,” Robinson said. “Usually it’s more of the pitching than the fielders.”

Robinson said she always felt like the change up was the hardest pitch to catch, “because it’s a weird pitch to read, but I also very much dislike a drop. It’s so hard to read. There is so much movement.”

This season, Robinson has batted in the No. 2 position.

Robinson said she goes with the pitch and tries to hit it into the gaps.

“Rachel (Kaufman) leads off, and it is my job to move her somewhere, and when she pitches they’ll have a pretty quick runner for her,” she said. “I like higher pitches. I’ve hit a few off the white part of the fence (just missing a home run).”

At the plate, Robinson doesn’t always look for a fastball strike on the first pitch.

“They usually stay away from that,” Robinson said. “Usually it’s an inside-outside pitch, like a tricky pitch, not just their basic pitch. I feel I’m in control when I’m hitting, so I enjoy that about it.”

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Name: Baylee Robinson

Parents: Kristen and Cory Robinson

Siblings: Carlee, Cory

Sports: Softball, four years; volleyball, one year

Organizations: D.A.R.E., National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Big Brothers Big Sisters, volunteer at Girls Inc., United Way Day of Caring volunteer, Junior volunteer at Schneck Medical Center

Athletic honors: 2015 defensive player of year, all-county team, 2014 all-county honorable mention,

Plans after high school: Attend college major in special and elementary education and minor in sign language

Catching Kaufman’s no-hitter against Brownstown Central “was awesome. I called most of the pitches that day.”

Favorite food: Chicken

Favorite TV show: “Big Brother”

Favorite singer: Maino, All The Above

Favorite movie: “Heaven Is For Real”

Favorite team: Purdue University

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Q: What’s it like attending SHS?

A: “I love it here. I’m taking a lot of AP classes, and hopefully start college as a sophomore. It feels like home. It’s pretty friendly for the most part. That’s what’s good about it. I’ll remember all the friends I’ve made, and the coaches. I really enjoy being coached by them.”

Q: Do you like the softball schedule?

A: “I like playing at home a lot. I like our field. I like how it’s set up. I like Floyd (Central) and Jeffersonville. They’re different in their own ways, but I like them both.”

Q: What’s one of your favorite softball memories?

A: “I loved New Albany game when we made the double play at the very end. The girl bunted and I caught it and threw to first, and they didn’t score (and the Owls won 2-1).


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