First set boosts confidence


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Tennis players have different strategies at the start of matches. Trinity Lutheran’s Tanner Prewitt likes to spend a lot of time at the baseline.

“I like to play the back and just let the other person make their mistake,” Prewitt said. “I think I can go from one end of the court and come back to the net. That is something I’ve gotten really good at.”

Tennis is the only sport the senior has played at Trinity.

“I enjoy the sport of tennis,” Prewitt said. “It’s very fun. What I hope to achieve is winning more games and more matches for our team. Starting out, we had a whole bunch of freshmen come in since we had lost a bunch of seniors last year. It has been a task getting these freshmen acclimated to the game. Now we’re in the middle of the season, we’re finally getting where we’re at full potential.”

For Prewitt, tennis offers a nice combination of physical and strategical play.

“I like both the physical and the mental aspect of it, like psyching out the player,” Prewitt said. “You have to worry about yourself. It’s a team effort and everything, but it’s just you at that moment right there, and that’s what I like.”

Prewitt played doubles his freshman and sophomore years, split his time between singles and doubles his junior year and has been at No. 3 singles this fall.

He said he likes the one-on-one competition in singles play.

“I like singles the best,” Prewitt said. “This may sound bad, but I don’t have to worry about that other person out there. It’s just me focusing on what I can do.”

Prewitt said his forehand is definitely his strength, and he has gained confidence in his serving through his experience.

“My serving has gone really well,” Prewitt said. “My freshman year, like any freshman, it was slow and everything, but it has gotten more powerful and better.”

The senior said he likes to win that first set to boost his confidence.

“Winning the first set is that whole psychological advantage because you’ve got your foot in the game and you can go on from there and win other games,” Prewitt said.

Prewitt began playing tennis his freshman year at Trinity after a teacher at Immanuel Lutheran suggested to go out for the team.

In warm-ups, Prewitt tries to hit different types of shots to test his opponent.

“I try to hit the shots just like I normally do, but at a slower pace, getting it back to them so they can hit it back, so it’s a back-and-forth volleying-type thing,” Prewitt said. “When it comes to serving, I try to do a powerful serve to intimidate them a little bit and gauge to how they react to it and everything.”

Prewitt said you have to continually adjust to the wind in the fall.

“The wind can either be your best friend or your worst enemy,” Prewitt said. “Depending on the way it’s blowing, it can either help the ball curve or it can take it away from you. Sometimes it can take your serve a little bit.”

Through the years, Prewitt has worked on his mental game.

“The mental part of tennis is very important,” Prewitt said. “If you don’t have the confidence in yourself that person is going to sense that kind of fear that you have and use that against you. Our coaches have always said emotions on the court are a bad thing.”

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Parents: Nate and Missy Prewitt

Siblings: Macey

Sports: Tennis, four years

Athletic highlights: Cougar Award, most improved player

Organizations: Art Club president, Student ambassadors, Student Government, Mock Trial, Dance Committee, Peer Mentor, National Honor Society

Plans after high school: Study architecture at Ball State University

Favorite TV show: “The Blacklist”

Favorite athlete: Roger Federer

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Q: How is the tournament competition during the season?

A: “The conference tournament is good. You get a variety of teams that come and play so you get a good range of athleticism and ability. I like the Saturday tournaments.”

Q: Do you enjoy home matches?

A: “The home matches are really nice because when I played my freshman and sophomore years we didn’t have these courts here and we drove to Seymour High School, but its nice having them here.”

Q: What’s it like attending Trinity Lutheran High School?

A: “I’ve enjoyed it immensely, the Christian atmosphere and the way that I’m able to become involved with so much here. That’s something I really like. I’ll remember my friends and teammates and stuff. The extracurricular is the thing that I look at the most. It’s a privilege and a blessing to have this school.”


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