Moving-in day long, tiring


Hello, everyone. Hope you were able to get out and enjoy the fair Sunday.

We started the day shaving goats and packing the final supplies we would need for the week. While Dad was making sure we had the things we needed, Conner and I started loading our myotonic (fainting) goats into the trailer.

Once we had them loaded, we drove them over to the fairgrounds. Once there, we unloaded them into their pens, which they will call home for the week.

While Dad was unloading the feed and other things we would need, Conner and I went over to the swine barn to check on our pigs. We decided they needed fresh bedding, so we moved them to the wash racks while we cleaned out their pens and put down fresh bedding. We also made sure that they had fresh water and feed. Once finished, it was time to head home for another load.

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Once home, it was time for a quick bite before we loaded up our dairy goats. Once loaded, it was time for trip No. 2. Once we got to the fairgrounds, we could tell the crowds had started to pick up. Dad had a hard time getting the truck and trailer to the goat barn so we could unload.

When we started unloading, our friend Makayla showed up and helped us get our dairy goats in their pens.

When we got back home, Conner and I loaded our sheep. We waited until later in the evening to take them over. Once the sheep were unloaded into their pens in the sheep barn, we went and checked on the pigs and topped off their water. Next, we had to do the evening milk and give all of the goats some fresh hay.

Finally, moving-in day was complete. Now, it’s time to head home and get some rest. On Monday, we were going to show our rabbits in the morning and our myotonic goats after the Boer show in the evening.

Your 4-H Friend,

Allison Wynn

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