Diarist attends the first showing event


The 2015 Jackson County Fair has finally arrived.

Our first showing event was Saturday at the open swine show. We usually load the pigs in the trailer the night before. The gilts walked right on without any problem, but the barrows were a different story. I guess they liked their pen and did not want to leave, but they finally decided to hop up in the trailer.

Once at the fairgrounds, Conner and I walked our gilts to the wash racks to get them clean for the show later in the afternoon. While washing pigs, Dad was busy putting up our signs so family and friends would be able to find our animals.

Once the gilts were done, it was time to wash the barrows. Once they were all washed, they were put back in their pens so they could rest until show time. After we checked to make sure they had fresh water, it was time to go to Hackman Bros. to get feed for the coming week.

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Once the sheep pens were set up and ready to go, it was finally time for the open swine show to start. Although I did not win, I went out and had fun.

In between the gilt show and barrow show, they crowned the 2015 pork princess. I want to say thank you to the Jackson County Pork Producers for sponsoring this event and for my gift.

I am proud of my brother, Conner. This is his first year showing. He worked hard all morning getting the pigs to the wash rack and back and out into the show arena. He never gave up and kept his pig moving. Once the show was over, we fed our pigs and made sure they had plenty of water for the evening.

After the show was over, it was time to head home and check on the animals there. After Saturday’s heat, we wanted to make sure they had fresh water to drink. Once that was done, it was time to get cleaned up and head to bed.

Sunday was a big day, as we had to take all of our sheep and goats to the fairgrounds and get them set up in their pens. Sunday also was the day the fair officially opened. I can’t wait to see all of theprojects in the 4-H building.

Dad said it is supposed to be hot and humid all week, so make sure your animals have plenty of fresh water and fans to keep them cooled off.

Also, make sure you drink plenty of water. Even with the heat, the fair can be fun. Come on out and show your support for all of the 4-H members, volunteers and others who make it possible.

Your 4-H Friend,

Allison Wynn

Allison Wynn is a Brownstown Central Middle School seventh-grader. Send comments to [email protected].

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Name: Allison Wynn

Age: 12

Residence: Freetown

Education: Seventh-grader at Brownstown Central Middle School in the fall

Organizations: 4-H, youth softball league

Family: Parents, Jason and Amy Wynn; siblings, Conner, 9, Maggie, 4, and another sister on the way


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