For 4-H members, fair has already started


Good morning, everyone.

It looks like the water is finally starting to go down, and things are starting to dry up. I feel bad for the farmers as I look out the car window on the way to town, seeing all of the damage to the fields. It is a good thing we have had some days with no rain, as it has started to get even busier here at the house as well as other 4-H homes.

Some people may think the fair doesn’t start until Sunday, but for 4-H members, it has already started. In addition to everyone working hard to complete their manuals and projects, there has already been some judging going on.

For me, judging started Monday. This was the day I had to present my sewing project. I really liked working with my great-grandma on this project. I like doing this project not because it is a chance for a blue ribbon at the fair, but it teaches me a skill I can use in the future.

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Also, this is the day that we go to the swine barn at the fairgrounds and help clean out all of the pens. After helping clean, I decided that I wanted to try and run for the 2015 pork princess. This consisted of some questions and a written test.

Once this was completed, it was back to the swine barn, where I learned where my pen and Conner’s pen would be during the fair. I really like the pens we have, as they are close to the sheep and goat barns. Thank you, Terry, and all of the others that make for a great swine show during fair week.

On Tuesday, I double-checked all of my workbooks and record sheets to make sure they were completed. I also was able to complete my photography project. I want to say thank you to Debbie for helping me with this. Also thank you to Aunt Brandi and Uncle Trevor for helping with this project, as well.

In the evening, it was time to complete my final project, cake decorating. I wasn’t quite satisfied with how it turned out, but I can take what I learned this year and make it better next year. While working on my cake, Dad was watching Conner as he was putting the final layer of clear coat and decals on his aerospace project, a model rocket.

Finally, Wednesday arrived. This is a big day for all 4-H’ers, as it is project turn-in day.

On this day, all projects, manuals and record sheets are to be turned in. Some projects are judged at this time, and you learn what ribbon your project has earned. Some projects, such as posters, will be judged later, and you learn what you earned Sunday when the 4-H building opens.

After projects were turned in, it was time to head to the goat barn to help set up the pens and get the ground cleaned up. Everyone pitched in and made the work go quickly. I want to say thank-you to Shannon and the other goat leaders for what they do to allow us to be able to show at the fair.

Next, it was on to the rabbit building so Conner and I could take our rabbit royalty test. This is a written test that shows your knowledge about rabbits and the different breed types. My cousin, Camden, even took the test. He is a first-year 4-H member and will be showing rabbits along with his projects in the 4-H building.

After the test was done, it was on to the sheep barn to clean up and set up pens. Everyone chipped in and things went together quickly. I want to say thank-you to Dave for helping me get my start in the sheep project and all of the help you have provided us these past three years. Also for the work you and Joann do for the members in the sheep project.

As I got home Wednesday night, I was thinking I could sleep in a little Thursday, as there were no projects to complete or turn in and we had nothing left to clean or set up at the fairgrounds. Wrong! It was up in the morning to head to the barn after breakfast. In addition to all of the things we have had to do earlier in the week, we still have to take care of the animals and make sure they are ready for the fair.

So as I complete my final weekly article for The Tribune so I can help get the animals prepared for show, I want to say it has been fun. I want to say thank-you to Mom and Dad for all you do for us and for your support and encouragement.

Thank-you to all of the other 4-H moms and dads out there and to all the people at the extension office and fairgrounds who make the Jackson County Fair a success. I also want to say good luck to all of the 4-H’ers and my brother, Conner. Have fun and enjoy the experience.

I hear the animals calling, time to get to work.

Your 4-H friend,

Allison Wynn

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Name: Allison Wynn

Age: 12

Residence: Freetown

Education: Seventh-grader at Brownstown Central Middle School in the fall

Organizations: 4-H, youth softball league

Family: Parents, Jason and Amy Wynn; siblings, Conner, 9, Maggie, 4, and another sister on the way


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