Wendy Cartwright: Midwest Wonders … Small Town USA


We’ve all heard the song about the small town. And, most of us, feel it in our souls.

I was in a small town last week for a poetry event. A fellow poet who had not been to this particular place commented how she loved the look of such towns. I agreed.

We were performing at a coffee shop. It’s situated on the corner of the town square with big plate glass windows. You can see the courthouse through them.

There’s a music store and a pizza joint with an arcade on that side of the block. On the next side is the old movie theater. The marquee announces the next event. It doesn’t show movies like it once did, but it’s still in use.

As you continue around the block, there are more storefronts and you see the little police station on the next corner. There’s a tavern that only takes cash and an antique store.

This town looks just like so many small towns. It kind of feels like home.

I don’t live in a town like this one anymore, but the nostalgia of it is heartwarming. I’m lucky to be able to spend time in such charming places.

If I were asked whether I preferred the city or the country or a small town, I’d have to say I love them all. Each has it’s own advantages.

Here in the Midwest, it’s easy to experience all types of surroundings. In a few hours drive, a person can be transported. From cornfields to city skylines, we have it all.

Wendy Cartwright hails from the North Vernon area and has lived there most of her life. She has a love of sharing her thoughts on growing up in the Midwest and other stories from her life. She spends her days reading and writing in the home she shares with her husband and chihuahua. Send comments to [email protected].

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