Wendy Cartwright: Midwest Wonders … More conservation


My friend, the one from Wisconsin that I mentioned in my last article, and I continued our conversation about differences in speech inside the Midwest.

First, he mentioned a ‘bubbler’. I was baffled. “What’s a bubbler?” I said.

He said, “It’s the thing that comes out of the wall that has water in it.”

I had visions of a garden hose, but was sure that’s not what he meant.

He said, “It’s not a water fountain. Fountains are in the park. It’s called a bubbler.”

Agree to disagree.

Then, he mentioned a Tyme Machine.

I, again, was baffled.

“A time machine?” I asked.

He said, “Where you get money out of the wall. T-Y-M-E. A Tyme Machine. It’s not an


This brought about a local observation. I said, “You can tell a person’s age ‘round these parts by what they call an ATM. If they call it a Money Mover they’re over 40.”

Words are funny.

Wendy Cartwright hails from the North Vernon area and has lived there most of her life. She has a love of sharing her thoughts on growing up in the Midwest and other stories from her life. She spends her days reading and writing in the home she shares with her husband and chihuahua. Send comments to [email protected].

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