Sports Roundup for May. 21st




The Owls traveled up to Richmond for a tournament over the weekend, facing off with Richmond and Fort Wayne South Side. Seymour dominated the South Side, 17-0, before defeating Richmond in a battle, 5-3. The Owls put together a 10-run third inning to bury the Archers in the opening game.

Against the Red Devils, the Owls scored one in the first, before adding their final four runs in the fourth inning. Richmond responded with a three-run bottom of the fourth, but that would end the scoring for either team.

Seymour defeated Scottsburg on Monday, and now prepares for sectional action tomorrow against New Albany in the Seymour Sectional at 7:30 p.m.

Game 1

Fort Wayne South Side (7-16) at Seymour (12-7)

Fort Wayne; 0

Seymour; 17

Hits: Seymour — Leavy, (3); Harpe, Nicholson, Pennington, (2); Richey, Wright, Thompson, Longmeier. Fort Wayne — Harl, Yoder, Combs. 2B: Seymour — Leavy. 3B: Seymour — Pennington, Wright. HR: Seymour — Leavy. RBI: Seymour — Leavy, (6); Harpe, (2); Pennington, Longmeier, Thompson.

WP: Richey, Seymour. LP: Cross, Fort Wayne.

Game 2

Seymour (13-7) at Richmond (13-8)

Seymour; 5

Richmond; 3

Hits: Seymour — Pennington, Perry, (2); Holt, Leavy, Longmeier. Richmond — Burdette (2); Woehrmann, Pipenger, Juday. 2B: Seymour — Leavy. Richmond — Moore, Pipenger. 3B: Seymour — Pennington.

RBI: Seymour — Perry, Leavy, (2). Richmond – Pipenger, (3).

WP: Wright, Seymour. LP: Blevins, Richmond.

Trinity Lutheran

The Cougars battled the Christian Academy and Crothersville on Saturday, winning both games to end their regular season with a winning record of 12-11.

Trinity defeated the Warriors, 8-2, behind a four run first inning. The team then defeated Crothersville 19-3. Kowan Gross and Drake Goodpaster led the way with three hits each. Peyton Pollert, Blaine Wehmiller, and Levi Pottschmidt all had two each. Goodpaster led the team in RBI’s with four, while Gross recorded three and Bode Brooks had two.

Trinity faces Rising Sun in the Shawe Memorial Sectional tomorrow at 5 p.m.

Game 1

Christian Academy (9-10) at Trinity Lutheran (11-11)

Christian Academy; 2

Trinity Lutheran; 8

Hits: Trinity — Pollert (2); Brooks, Pottschmidt, Trueblood, Finke, Goodpaster, Gross. Academy — Beardsley, (3); Whitehead, McDonald, Vance. 2B: Trinity — Trueblood, Gross. RBI: Trinity — Goodpaster, Pottschmidt, (2); Finke, Gross, Pollert Academy — Bryson.

WP: Trueblood, Trinity. LP: Beardsley, Academy.

Game 2

Crothersville (1-15) at Trinity Lutheran (12-11)

Crothersville; 3

Trinity Lutheran; 19

Hits: Trinity — Goodpaster, Gross, (3); Pollert, Wehmiller, Pottschmidt, (2); Bode, Harker, Trueblood, Brooks. Crothersville — Reynolds. 2B: Trinity — Goodpaster, (2); Wehmiller, Gross, Pottschmidt. 3B: Trinity — Pollert. RBI: Trinity — Goodpaster, (4); Gross, (3); Brooks, (2); Bode, Harker, Pollert, Pottschmidt, Trueblood, Brown, Wehmiller. Crothersville — Crater.

WP: Goodpaster, Trinity. LP: O’Sullivan, Crothersville.


The Tigers weren’t done after facing Trinity Lutheran on Saturday, traveling to Shawe Memorial for a matchup with the Hilltoppers. Crothersville battled with Shawe, dropping the matchup 9-8. The team outhit the Hilltoppers 9-7 in the loss.

Crothersville faces Henryville tomorrow at 7 p.m, in Sectionals.

Crothersville (1-15) at Shawe Memorial (10-12)

Crothersville; 8

Shawe Memorial; 9

Hits: Crothersville — Hilton, O’Sullivan (2); Crater, Kelshaw, Howard, Nickell, Davis. Shawe — Hertz, Kahn (3); Hill. 2B: Crothersville — Kelshaw. Shawe — Kahn. RBI: Crothersville — Crater, (2); Kelshaw, Hilton, Howard, Nickell. Shawe — Kahn, (3); Hill, Brooke, Hertz.

WP: Liston, Shawe. LP: Hilton, Crothersville.

Brownstown Central

The Braves wrapped up their regular season with two victories on Saturday, defeating New Albany and Borden to get to 13-11 on the season.

Brownstown led New Albany 2-1 after two innings of play. The final two innings became interesting as Brownstown added four runs in the seventh inning, before the Bulldogs responded with three of their own. The Braves held on 7-5 to win the game.

The Braves then downed Borden 12-6, behind five RBI’s from Trent Lowery and three hits from Ethan Garland.

Grant Killey pitched for the Braves, lasting five innings, allowing four hits and three runs, striking out three batters. He earned the win. Lane Pendleton and Jaxson Johnson pitched the other two innings.

Brownstown begins their postseason this Thursday against Austin at 5:30 p.m. The game is in the South Ripley Sectional, all games will take place there.

Game 1

Brownstown (12-11) at New Albany (16-9)

Brownstown; 7

New Albany; 5

Hits: Brownstown — Pendleton, Cassidy, (3); Killey, Reedy, Tiemeyer, Burcham-Jones, Garland, Lowery. New Albany — Alexander, (2); Bush, Brewer. 2B: Brownstown — Pendleton, (2); Reedy, Killey. New Albany — Brewer. RBI: Brownstown — Killey, (2); Cassidy, Tiemeyer, Burcham-Jones, Pendleton. New Albany — Loesch, (2); Hubbard, Alexander, Brewer.

WP: Lowery, Brownstown. LP: Fleming, New Albany.

Save: Reedy, Brownstown.

Game 2

Borden (12-12) at Brownstown (13-11)

Borden; 6

Brownstown; 12

Hits: Brownstown — Garland, (3); Cassidy, Lowery, Burcham-Jones, (2); Killey, Johnson. Borden — McVoy, Gardner, (2); Raes, Schmidt. 2B: Brownstown — Killey. 3B: Borden — Schmidt. RBI: Brownstown — Lowery, (5); Wheeler, Johnson, Garland, Killey, Garrison. Borden — Schmidt, (3); Gardner, Simmons.

WP: Killey, Brownstown. LP: Hardin, Borden.


Trinity Lutheran

The Lady Cougars faced off with Brown County on Friday, before facing Borden on Saturday. Trinity fell to the Eagles, 3-1, before dropping to Borden 4-3.

Against Brown County, Grace Lance pitched a complete game, allowing four hits, three runs, and striking out a dozen Eagles. Zoey Dulaney, Emerson Warren, and Addi Burcham recorded the three hits.

Trinity begins postseason competition this week, facing Rising Sun in the New Washington Sectional tonight at 5:30 p.m.

Game 1

Brown County (7-13) at Trinity Lutheran (12-11)

Brown County; 3

Trinity Lutheran; 1

Hits: Trinity — Dulaney, Warren, Burcham. Brown County — Hash, (2); Stogsdiill, Summers. 2B: Trinity — Dulaney. RBI: Trinity — Munoz. Brown County — Austin, (2).

WP: Sanders, Brown County. LP: Lance, Trinity.

Game 2

Trinity Lutheran (12-12) at Borden (13-7)

Trinity Lutheran; 3

Borden; 4

Hits: Trinity — Lance, (2); Dulaney, Warren. Borden — Schottelkotte, Condon, Fein, Ziel. 2B: Trinity — Dulaney. Borden — Condon. HR: Borden — Fein. RBI: Trinity — Borden — Thomas, Schottelkotte, Fein, Ziel.

WP: McMahan, Borden. LP: Lance, Trinity.


The Lady Tigers faced off with Henryville on Saturday on the softball diamond. Henryville’s Peyton Steward tossed a five-inning perfect game for the Hornets, along with 15 hits from the offense, led to a 25-0 win over Crothersville.

Crothersville will face Henryville tonight at 7:30 p.m.

The game will take place tonight at New Washington High School.

Crothersville (0-13) at Henryville (10-10)

Crothersville; 0

Henryville; 25

Hits: Henryville — Nicholas, (3); Mcafee, Marcum, Steward, (2); Foley, Lienhart, Jackson, Massey, Banet, White. 2B: Henryville — Banet, Mcafee, Nicholas. RBI: Henryville — Jackson, Nicholas, (3); Mcafee, Lienhart, Steward, Banet, (2); Massey, White, Foley, Marcum, Massey.

WP: Steward, Henryville. LP: Hughes, Crothersville.

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