Lady Owls win fourth straight girls sectional; 19 total qualifers from three county schools


It was an evening of hard-fought competition in the Indiana High School Athletic Association Track and Field Girls Sectional on Wednesday night at Seymour High School.

Seymour clinched their fourth straight title with a team score of 130. Jennings County finished in second place, while Brownstown Central ended in third. Trinity Lutheran finished eighth, while Crothersville ended their evening 13th.

Nineteen Jackson County athletes between the schools of Seymour, Brownstown and Trinity advanced to the IHSAA Regional at Bloomington North High School.

Vivienne Siefker, AnnMarie Shuler, Kenzi Henkle, Sydnie Kingery, Ella Brock, Aly East, Sydney Montgomery, Anna Marks, Gracie Adams, Kamryn Aynes and Alexis Stuckwisch advanced for the Owls.

Siefker spoke about the chance to compete at in the Bloomington North Regional. which is at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

“I’m excited for regionals, I think we have another chance to do well,” she said.

The Owls’ senior spoke about her performances Wednesday, which included winning the 1600- and 3200-meter runs, along with being on the winning 4×800-meter relay team with Kelly Beavers, Gracie Adams and AnnMarie Shuler.

“I felt really good after my 4×800 performance,” she said. “I thought I was a little heavy, but when I noticed my time, I was a little surprised. I’m pretty sure it was our PR in that relay this season, our group has worked hard this season.”

“In the 1600, I knew it would be a close race, checking out the time of the other competitors,” Siefker said. “In the 3200, I was super tired, I gave everything I had in that final race, so it was great.”

Brownstown had seven regional qualifiers in Olivia Fritz, Hailey Bair, Ella Nehrt, Noe McPherson, Lana Wisler, Addison Darlage and Sophie Wischmeier.

Fritz won the sectional for Brownstown in discus and qualified in shot put. Bair advanced in the long jump and the 100-meter dash. McPherson advanced in the 100 hurdles, Nehrt advanced in the 300 hurdles and Wisler advanced in the 800-meter run.

Nehrt, Darlage, Bair and McPherson advanced in the 4×100, while Sophie Wischmeier, Nehrt, Bair and Wisler advanced in the 4×400 meter relay.

McPherson spoke about her performance on Wednesday evening.

“I think I performed very well tonight,” McPherson said. “I was not expecting those times, especially in the 100 hurdles. I ended up with a PR in trials and set another PR in the finals. That was huge for me, and I’m glad I was able to do that.”

She spoke on the chance to compete in regionals.

“I will say to be honest, I’m a little nervous,” she said. “I’m just going to have fun and go out there and run fast and enjoy this. It’s my first year doing the hurdles events all year. It’s a little nerve wracking, but I just try to push through every race and do my best.”

Trinity’s Bailey Bonde qualified for the Cougars, after winning the shot put and finishing runner-up in the discus competition.

Peyton Spence came out her senior year for the rebirth of the Medora Track and Field teams. Spence spoke about her senior season after finishing 19th in the 800-meter run.

“It was a lot of fun this season, I enjoyed the experience of competing in track and field,” Spence said. “I know I didn’t place as high as I would’ve liked, but it was still a lot of fun with my team.”

Track and field gave Spence something to do, and she is glad she came out this season.

“I wasn’t sure what I would do during this spring,” Spence said. “I was bored, but I came out for track, and I really enjoyed it. I’m upset that it’s over, I wish I could’ve competed in it for longer,” she said.

Regionals tickets must be purchased online at They will be located under Regional 7.

Regional Qualifiers

4×100 Relay: (S), K. Aynes, E. Brock, A. Marks, K. Henkle. (BC) McPherson, Darlage, Bair, Nehrt

4×400 Relay: (S), A. Marks, E. Brock, A. Stuckwisch, S. Montgomery. (BC) Wischmeier, Nehrt, Bair, Wisler.

4×800 Relay: (S) Shuler, Adams, Siefker, Beavers.

100 Meter: Kingery, (S). Bair, (BC).

200 Meter: Henkle, (S)

400 Meter: Stuckwisch, (S)

800 Meter: Wisler, (BC)

1600 Meter: Siefker, (S)

3200 Meter: Siefker, (S)

100 Hurdles: McPherson, (BC).

300 Hurdles: Nehrt, (BC).

Long Jump: Bair, (BC).

High Jump: Montgomery, (S).

Discus: Fritz, (BC) Bonde, (T)

Shot Put: Fritz, (BC) Bonde, (T)

Team Scores

1, Seymour, 130. 2, Jennings County, 107. 3, Brownstown Central, 83. 4, Bedford North Lawrence, 71.50. 5, Springs Valley, 52.50. 6, Eastern (Pekin), 47. 7, Mitchell, 39. 8, Trinity Lutheran, 30. 9, Orleans, 27. 10, Salem, 19. 11, Paoli, 8. 12, West Washington, 7. 13, Crothersville, 3.

Individual Results

100 Meter Dash- 1, Abigail Fowler, 13.17, (EP). 3, Sydnie Kingery, 13.40, (S). 4, Hailey Bair, 13.59, (BC). 5, Kenzi Henkle, 13.64, (S). 8, Emalee Gross, 14.00, (T).

200 Meter Dash- 1, Rachael Manning, 26.76, (JC). 3, Henkle, 27.28, (S). 4, Alexis Stuckwisch, 28.05, (S).

400 Meter Dash- 1, Alexis Stuckwisch, 1:02.65, (S). 2, Sydney Montgomery, 1:03.31, (S). 5, Sophie Wischmeier, 1:06.77, (BC). 10, Cheyenne Campbell, 1:09.83, (T). 11, Ellie Black, 1:12.27, (BC). 13, Jazlin Gibson, 1:12.49, (C).

800 Meter Run- 1, Paige Voigtschild, 2:32.54, (BNL). 3, Lana Wisler, 2:35.03, (BC). 5, Kelly Beavers, 2:48.57, (S). 8, Lauren Dowell, 2:51.09, (S). 14, Trinity Cody, 2:59.81, (BC). 19, Peyton Spencer, 3:10.77, (M).

1600 Meter Run- 1, Vivienne Siefker, 5:33.99, (S). 7, AnnMarie Shuler, 6:00.24, (S). 8, Lana Wisler, 6:02.35, (BC). 9, Kaylee Steward, 6:02.41, (BC).

3200 Meter Run- 1, Siefker, 12:05.38, (S). 5, Gracie Adams, 13:13.58, (S). 7, Steward 13:24.01, (BC). 11, Chelsie Combs, 14:49.45, (BC).

100 Meter Hurdles- 1, Kinsey Saliba, 16.56, (SV). 3, Noelani McPherson, 18.09, (BC). 5, Aly East, 18.81, (S). 6, Ella Brock, 18.86, (S). 8, Ella Nehrt, 19.30, (BC).

300 Meter Hurdles- 1, Kinsey Saliba, 16.56, (SV).

4×100 Meter Relay- 1, Seymour, 51.49, (K. Aynes, E. Brock, A. Marks, K. Henkle). 3, Brownstown Central, 53.73, (N. McPherson, A. Darlage, H.Bair, E. Nehrt). 6, Trinity Lutheran, 56.28, (E. Gross, K. Miller, A. Lorenz, L. Klinge).

4×400 Meter Relay- 1, Seymour, 4:20.90, (A. Marks, E. Brock, A. Stuckwisch, S. Montgomery). 2, Brownstown Central, 4:29.89, (S. Wischmeier, H. Bair, E. Nehrt, L. Wisler). 5, Trinity Lutheran, 4:37.55, (K. Miller, A. Blomenberg, B. Bonde, C. Campbell.)

4×800 Meter Relay- 1, Seymour, 10:30.20, (A. Shuler, G. Adams, V. Siefker, K. Beavers). 6, Brownstown Central, 11:49.93, (T. Cody, C. Combs, K. Steward, T. Lokey).

High Jump- 1, Callie Alston, 5-05, (O). 2, Montgomery, 5-02, (S). 5, Gross, 5-00, (T). 7, Wisler, 4-08, (BC). 8, Abby Lorenz, 4-08, (T). 10, Ashlyn Henderson, 4-08, (S).

Long Jump- 1, Fowler, 17-01, (EP). 3, Bair, 15-09, (BC). 11, Kennedy Burnette, 14-00, (S). 12, Isabella Doyle, 13-09.50, (S). 16, Bella Griner, 12-00, (T). 17, Paige Thompson, 12-00, (BC).

Pole Vault- 1, Manning, 9-00, (JC). 4, Lokey, 7-00, (BC). T-5, Shuler, 6-06, (S). T-5, Black, 6-06, (BC).

Shot Put- 1, Bailey Bonde, 32-05.50, (T). 3, Olivia Fritz, 32-03, (BC). 10, Brooklyn Bottorff, 28-01.25, (C). 11, Hayden Pilgrim, 28-01, (C). 13, Willow Nowland, 27-08, (S). 16, Jenna Boknecht, 25-10.50, (BC). 17, Tori Evans, 25-08, (S). 21, Lilian Hatchett, 23-09, (M). 27, Haylee Sons, 18-02.50, (M).

Discus Throw- 1, Fritz, 106-00, (BC). 2, Bonde, 99-08, (T). 6, Bottorff, 86-00, (C). 10, Keira Linville, 83-02, (S). 11, Alexa Wheeles, 79-07, (BC). 13, Evans, 78-00, (S). 17, Hali Burton, 75-06, (C). 26, Winter Thompson, 36-09, (M).

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