21 county athletes advance to IHSAA Boys Track Regional


BROWNSTOWN — A battle to continue competing on the track transpired on Thursday at Brownstown Central High School for the 2023-24 Indiana High School Athletic Association Boys Track and Field Sectional.

Springs Valley took the top spot in the meet with a team score of 128.50. Brownstown finished third with a score of 95, while Seymour finished fourth with a 90.50. Trinity Lutheran finished 10th with a score of 16, and Crothersville ended with 4 points in 12th place.

Twenty-One county athletes made the cut for the regional at 6 p.m. Thursday at Bloomington North High School.

Brownstown had 11 regional qualifiers in Hudson Fritz, Chance Ratliff, Shane Ratliff, Isiaah Engle, Gregory Hutcheson, Eli Crockett, Ryan Branaman, Jack Pace, Jaden Disque, Damien Owens and Garrett Driver.

Engle won the 300-meter hurdles but was hoping for something else in the process.

“I was really hoping to get the school record tonight,” Engle said. “That was my main goal, but winning it, helped the team out and it’s always nice to win another championship.”

He spoke about some of his biggest factors of success this season.

“Definitely my teammates and coaches, they push me every single day,” Engle said. “All the practices we have are very competitive and everyone wants to win, everyone’s getting better every single day, and it’s been a good week.”

Seymour had nine qualifiers in Jaylon Johnson, Jadrix Zumhingst, Kyle Hileman, Mason Nugent, Kylan Ellerbe, Ty Tormoehlen, Devon Jackson, Tristan Dowell, and Jesse Mellencamp.

Johnson took home the crown in the 400-meter dash, long jump, and a part of the winning 4×400-meter relay team with Jackson, Ellerbe, and Tormoehlen.

Johnson spoke on the feeling of being a sectional champion.

“It makes me feel so alive and amazing,” he said. “Even though track isn’t my main thing, winning these types of events, being a sectional champion is a different type of feeling,”

Johnson was asked about what has allowed him to have success.

“My coaches have had a lot of faith in me this year,” Johnson said. “Teammates and everyone just having their trust and faith in me has helped me out a ton. We are all working hard every day.”

Owls Head Coach Randy Fife spoke about the performance on Thursday evening.

“It was a very good night for us,” he said. “We advanced eight athletes to the regional. We had 12 career-best performances across 10 different events, and we won four events including two out of the three relays.”

Trinity Lutheran had one qualifier in Jake Holland, who was sectional champion in 110-meter hurdles. He spoke about the feeling of being a champion.

“It’s pretty crazy to me, coming into the sectional, I had some high hopes and I’ve been running well this year,” he said. “I’ve had lots of PRs and lots of good times. But to walk away with the sectional championship is crazy.”

“You don’t think about it until it’s over,” he added. “When you cross the finish line, it’s unbelievable.”

Holland had high praise for his coach, who’s had a hand in his success.

“Lots of props to my coach, he’s been great and worked me through it,” he said. “He knows all the ins and outs and watched all my races and let me know what I was doing wrong each time. It helped me improve my follow throughs and every little detail.”

Tickets for the regional may be purchased at ihsaa.eventlink.com/tickets. Look for Regional 7 under boys Track and Field.

Regional Qualifiers

100 Meter: Fritz, (BC).

200 Meter: Fritz, (BC).

400 Meter: Johnson, (S).

3200 Meter: C. Ratliff, (BC). S. Ratliff, (BC)

110 Hurdles: Holland, (T).

300 Hurdles: Engle, (BC). Holland, (T).

4×100: (S), M. Nugent, K. Hileman, J. Mellencamp, D. Jackson. (BC), G. Hutcheson, J. Pace, I. Engle, H. Fritz.

4×400: (S), D. Jackson, K. Ellerbe, T. Tormoehlen, J. Johnson. (BC), G. Hutcheson, I. Engle, R. Branaman, G. Driver.

4×800: (S), D. Jackson, K. Ellerbe, T. Dowell, T. Tormoehlen. (BC), C. Ratliff, E. Crockett, D. Owens, S. Ratliff.

Long Jump: Johnson, (S).

Pole Vault: Zumhingst, (S).

Discus: Disque, (BC).

Team Scores: 1, Springs Valley, 128.50. 2, Jennings County, 103. 3, Brownstown Central, 95. 4, Seymour, 90.50. 5, Orleans, 55. 6, Bedford North Lawrence, 48.50. 7, Salem, 37. T-8, Eastern (Pekin), 23. T-8, Mitchell, 23. 10, Trinity Lutheran, 16. 11, Paoli, 10. 12, Crothersville, 4. 13, West Washington, 0.50.

100 Meter Dash- 1, Blaine Ison, 11.24, (JC). 3, Hudson Fritz, 11.48, (BC). 5, Mason Nugent, 11.60, (S). 7, Jack Pace, 11.81, (BC). 9, Kyle Hileman, 11.87, (S). 15, Hudson Johnson, 12.25, (M). 18, Joshua Reynolds, 12.55, (C). 20, Sam Dyer, 12.76, (T). 21, Brayden Heath, 12.79, (C). 22, Kade Wright, 13.48, (M).

200 Meter Dash- 1, Blaine Ison, 22.53, (JC). 2, Jaylan Johnson, 22.98, (S). 3, Fritz, 23.19, (BC). 7, Pace, 23.74, (BC). 8, Nugent, 24.02, (S). 11, Johnson, 24.76, (M). 15, Reynolds, 25.88, (C). 19, Landon Gasaway, 27.90, (T).

400 Meter Dash- 1, Johnson, 49.66, (S). 5, Garrett Driver, 52.08, (BC). 6, Kylan Ellerbe, 52.12, (S). 12, Landon Ault, 55.74, (BC). 18, Dyer, 58.56, (T). 20, Gasaway, 1:00.13, (T). 21, Jeremy McQuirt, 1:01.92, (C).

800 Meter Run- 1, Alan Marshall, 2:00.10, (SV). 6, Devon Jackson, 2:06.99, (S). 8, Eli Crockett, 2:10.44, (BC). 10, Damien Owens, 2:12.44, (BC). 18, Stephen Traeger, 2:23.13, (T). 21, Koby Davis, 2:32.60, (T). 22, Adam Sutton, 2:35.84, (T). 23, Wright, 2:37.20, (T).

1600 Meter Run- 1, Marshall, 4:26.28, (SV). 7, Dirk Crater, 4:45.13, (C). 8, JJ Myers, 4:45.69, (S). 9, Ty Tormoehlen, 4:47.14, (S). 15, Traven Wellman, 5:16.38, (BC). 18, Sutton, 5:36.57, (T). 19, Davis, 5:57.92, (C).

3200 Meter Run- 1, Grant Brown, 9:45.95, (SV). 2, Chance Ratliff, 9:56.53, (BC). 3, Shane Ratliff, 9:58.89, (BC). 5, Micah Jablonski, 10:10.20, (S). 7, Crater, 10:31.63, (C). 12, Will Proffer, 11:24.69, (S). 13, Oliver Eggersman, 11:45.98, (T).

110 Meter Hurdles- 1, Jake Holland, 15.58, (T). 5, Isiaah Engle, 16.25, (BC). 6, Jordan Quick, 16.65, (S). 8, Gregory Hutcheson, 16.85, (BC). 10, Alex Franklin, 17.84, (S).

300 Meter Hurdles- 1, Engle, 40.68, (BC). 3, Holland, 41.61, (T). 6, Kyle Hileman, 43.61, (S). 10, Alexxander Milliken, 44.65, (S). 14, Kaleb Moeller, 48.33, (C).

4×100 Meter Relay- 1, Seymour, 43.27, (M. Nugent, K. Hileman, J. Mellencamp, D. Jackson). 2, Brownstown Central, 43.67, (G. Hutcheson, J. Pace, I. Engle, H. Fritz). 10, Crothersville, 48.94, (K. Moeller, J. Reynolds, J. Mize, B. Heath).

4×400 Meter Relay- 1, Seymour, 3:28.62, (D. Jackson, K. Ellerbe, T. Tormoehlen, J. Johnson). 3, Brownstown Central, 3:34.29, (G. Hutcheson, I. Engle, R. Branaman, G. Driver).

4×800 Meter Relay- 1, Springs Valley, 8:15.00. 2, Seymour, 8:20.00, (D. Jackson, K. Ellerbe, T. Dowell, T. Tormoehlen). 3, Brownstown Central, 8:24.49, (C. Ratliff, E. Crockett, D. Owens, S. Ratliff).

High Jump- 1, Patrick Alston, 6-02, (O). T-5, Jordan Quick, 5-08, (S). T-12, Kyle Hileman, 5-04, (S). T-12, Nathaniel Conyer, 5-04, (BC). 14, Beau Napier, 5-04, (C).

Long Jump- 1, Johnson, 21-05.50, (S). 8, Pace, 18-06, (BC). 12, Brody Bowles, 17-11.50, (S). 16, Kaleb Moeller, 16-05, (C). 19, Mason Cowan, 15-01, (BC).

Pole Vault- 1, Seth Ponsford, 13-06, (Salem). 3, Jadrix Zumhingst, 12-06, (S). 5, Peak, 11-00, (BC). 10, Brady Blann, 8-06, (BC).

Discus Throw- 1, Nate Robertson, 164-02, (Mitchell). 3, Jaden Disque, 143-06, (BC). 4, Isaac Hutchinson, 134-05, (BC). 8, Curtis Burke, 121-08, (S). 9, Waylon McIntosh, 121-03, (S). 17, Reynolds, 106-09, (C). 22, Robert Baughman, 72-07, (M).

Shot Put- 1, Nathaniel Graves, 50-06, (O). 5, Disque, 43-00, (BC). 7, Boone Nicholson, 41-01, (S). 14, Jude Howard, 37-07, (C). 15, Curtis Burke, 37-05, (S). 19, Sloan Stuckwisch, 35-04, (BC). 21, Robert Baughman, 34-00, (M).

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