Braves of the Month recognized


BROWNSTOWN — The Brownstown Central Community School Corp. board of trustees recognized the Braves of the Month during a meeting Tuesday night at the administration office.

Those honored were third-grader Ella Everhart, seventh-grader Abigail Watson and junior Kyeirah Phillips.

Brownstown Central High School Principal Joe Sheffer read Phillips nomination letter.

“The BCHS English Department is proud to select Kyeirah Phillips as the student of the month,” they wrote. “Kyeirah is a student every teacher wants in class. She is passionate, inquisitive and critical in her thinking. In English class she leads discussions, asks thought-provoking questions and offers insightful comments.

“Kyeirah is a blessing to have in class, our school and our community. We are very appreciative of Kyeirah’s efforts.”

Brownstown Central Middle School Principal Doug McClure introduced Watson and family on hand and then read her nomination letter.

“The seventh-grade team at BCMS has chosen Abbie Watson as the May “Brave of the Month,” they wrote. “Abbie exemplifies the qualities of respect, responsibility and resourcefulness each day at BCMS. She is always kind and helpful to other students in the classroom.”

Her teachers have never heard a negative word from her toward her peers. Abbie has a very positive mindset and shows tremendous patience to all students. She is engaged in the classroom and actively participates in class, asking questions when clarification is needed. She exhibits true grit and determination to master classroom material.

“Abbie always gives her best effort and is outgoing and competitive. She is also a student athlete involved in multiple sports. Abbie is a shining example of what a student should be and is a pleasure to teach. We congratulate Abbie Watson on this well-deserved honor.”

McClure added that one thing that struck him about Watson is that as a sixth grader she helped a young man who was in one of the school’s kids in need classrooms.

“Abbie really took that young man under her wing his entire sixth-grade year,” he said. “Whether it was in Tribe or whether it was helping him out at lunch opening ketchup packets, opening his milk cartoons. Whatever. She just really showed a really nurturing, motherly side in helping that student get through his first year at the middle school. So, I will always remember that.”

Brownstown Elementary School Principal Marty Young introduced Everhart as the Little Brave of the Month and then read her nomination letter written by her teacher Beth Shelton.

“Ella Everhart displays empathy, responsibility and good character, which is such a commendable way to approach education and life in general,” Shelton wrote. “These qualities truly set Ella apart and contribute positively to her personal growth and interactions with adults at BES and her classmates.

Ella is able to understand and share the feelings of others, which is essential for building strong relationships and being a supportive peer. She has helped create a positive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and understood in 3E. Ella is also dependable and accountable. This includes managing her time effectively, completing tasks to the best of her ability and owning up to any mistakes. This characteristic provides Ella success in academics and beyond.

“Finally, Ella’s good character includes honesty, integrity and respect for others. These qualities guide her decisions and actions, shaping how she navigates challenges and treats those around her. Ella is trustworthy and reliable, earning the respect and admiration of her peers and teachers.

“Keep nurturing these qualities, Ella — they will serve you well not only as a student but also throughout your life. They will keep allowing you to make a positive impact on the world around you.”

Young said Everhart is an exceptional student at BES and she is always so pleasant to be around.

“… and she works hard and always has a smile on her face,” he said. “She is a great friend to many. She is a special little girl that has a bright future ahead.”

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