Rain postpones Braves-Cougars girls’ tennis meet on Monday


BROWNSTOWN— Rain hasn’t been very cooperative for many teams this season, another meet had to moved after the tennis courts in Brownstown were wet.

Trinity Lutheran and Brownstown were scheduled to face off on Monday, but due to rain, the meet was postponed after 20 minutes of play.

The new date for the contest was rescheduled for next Thursday at Brownstown High School. It will take place at 4:30 p.m.

Instead of a game story, Trinity Head Coach Jayme Lowe spoke about the season to this point.

“This season has been a fun ride,” Lowe said. “The girls surprise me at every turn. I’ve been really proud of how everyone has progressed and how successful we’ve been.”

Brownstown Coach Erik Stangland spoke about the Braves season to date.

“This has been a difficult season with the disruptions and weather,” Stangland said. “We have struggled to make corrections because we lack the practice time to learn the corrections.”

Lowe’s favorite part about the Trinity girls’ is their positive attitudes.

“These girls are just a riot,” she said. “They get out there and put on their game faces but then are cracking jokes at the fence. I just applaud their positive attitudes.”

Stangland likes that his team has a lot of kindness and works hard in the classroom.

“I have some of the nicest young ladies in the school,” he said. “My teams usually have a lot of honor students.”

The next meet for both teams will be tomorrow, as Brownstown travels to North Harrison tomorrow for a match with the Cougars at 5:45 p.m. Trinity will host Edinburgh at 5 p.m.

Sectionals are just two weeks away from beginning in tennis. Both coaches spoke about the final month of the regular season as we move into May.

“As we wrap up the season, I just want all of the girls to keep moving forward in their individual journeys,” Lowe said. “I think they have a lot of promise to finish strong.”

“Our team is just getting some consistency,” Stangland said. “I believe that they could peak at sectional and make a match against anyone we draw. I just want to see the girls believe in themselves and play to their ability.”

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