The windmill sails at Paris’ iconic Moulin Rouge have collapsed. No injuries are reported



The iconic windmill sails of the Moulin Rouge, a vibrant emblem of Paris’s bohemian lifestyle, collapsed Thursday after a show. No injuries were reported.

The incident took place shortly before 2 a.m., after the last performance of the night had ended and the audience had left the historic cabaret venue, renowned for its dazzling shows and can-can dancers.

Jean-Victor Clerico, the director of Moulin Rouge, told French media that a “technical problem” led to the windmill’s sails and part of the cabaret’s illuminated sign crashing to the ground.

Despite the setback, Clerico said that the show at Moulin Rouge will go on, emphasizing the cabaret’s resilience and commitment to continuing its legacy. “The show continues, that’s the most important thing,” he said.

Eric Lejoindre, mayor of Paris’s 18th district, confirmed on X that the structure was not in danger of further collapse. He conveyed relief over the safety of both Parisians and visitors.

Local Sylvain Lemerle said it was lucky no one was hurt.

“It will be strange for the tourists who will take pictures without the sails, it looks a bit naked but it will be replaced, and certainly quicker than Notre Dame,” he told The Associated Press, referring to the historic Paris cathedral that was ravaged by a fire in 2019.

The Moulin Rouge, which marks its 135th anniversary in October, primarily attracts tourists today. It was severely damaged by a fire in 1915 and was closed for nine years for renovations.

Stephane Cachelin, from a local shop-owners association, said it is “a symbol of Montmartre, of its village, the bohemian way of life, of Paris. The whole world comes here to take pictures.”

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