Trinity Lutheran High School going to Indiana Academic Super Bowl state finals


Trinity Lutheran High School has qualified for Indiana Academic Super Bowl state finals in the senior categories of English, fine arts, science and interdisciplinary in Class 4.

The event consists of two levels of competition, junior (grades 6-8) and senior (grades 9-12), that challenges students to study and advance their knowledge outside of the classroom.

“We have been reading and studying since the beginning of second semester,” Jayme Lowe said, coach of the English team. “Our group of six students worked really hard to understand lots of allusions, literary devices and connections.”

The English team consists of three seniors, two sophomores and one freshman. “They were all so enthusiastic about the content and about working together for this common goal,” Lowe said. “It was so exciting to see all of their hard work pay off with a win, for the first time since I began coaching the English team.”

The fine arts team consists of two freshmen and one sophomore. Leah Schneider, the team’s coach, said, “We are so proud that our three students in Fine Arts made it to State at Purdue. They are a very young team, but such a great group of hard working students.”

Sarah Akey, the science team’s coach, said in reference to her team; “These three students are seasoned competitors, and this is our third year in a row making it to the state finals. Benjamin Neawedde is a senior and is our captain. He specializes in physics. Brad Dyer is a junior and is our biology specialist. Sophia Seo is a junior and is our chemistry specialist.”

Akey has been coaching Trinity’s science team for the Academic Super Bowl for three years and has been teaching chemistry and government at the school. Abbey Ross also coaches the science team, making this her first year. At Trinity, Ross teaches biology and agriculture.

“The three of them work together exceedingly well. They all take advanced science classes at Trinity and genuinely wish to learn more about how the world works and the natural laws that govern it. I have no doubt that their passion for learning is the primary contributor to their success in Academic Super Bowl,” said Akey, “But of course, they also are quick, driven, and thoroughly logical thinkers.”

For Akey’s team, they have been meeting weekly since early October to prepare for this competition. There are questions focused on nuclear chemistry, molecular genetics and space-based telescopes and interplanetary space travel.

“Additionally, it is a testament to our entire Academic Super Bowl program that Trinity has qualified for an interdisciplinary team at the state finals. The top six schools in each class with the highest overall combined score from all five disciplines can field a team for this event,” Akey said. “Trinity has not qualified for an interdisciplinary team since 2019. It affirms the efforts and God-given abilities of all our students and coaches.”

State competitions are May 4, 2024.

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