Trump is the only choice for Wyoming Republicans in a preference poll to allot the state’s delegates


Republicans in Wyoming will decide Saturday which presidential candidate will get their state’s votes at the GOP national convention this summer, but they will have only one choice.

Former President Donald Trump will be the lone name listed on a presidential preference poll at the state Republican convention in Cheyenne.

The poll will decide how all 29 of Wyoming’s delegates to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee pledge their first-round votes.

Trump clinched the Republican nomination in March. If any other candidates are vying for the party’s nomination at the July convention, the Wyoming delegates will be free to vote for anyone they wish in any subsequent rounds of convention voting.

Twenty-three of Wyoming’s national delegates — one from each county in the state — already have been selected at Republican county conventions that began in February. The remaining six will be chosen at the state convention.

Republicans are dominant in Wyoming politics and gave Trump the highest percentage of votes of any state in 2020.

Wyoming Democrats have a similar process for allocating delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August. They held a preference poll at county caucuses on April 13 that will determine how the state’s 17 national delegates will be pledged in the first-round convention vote.

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