Miller, Peak enjoying senior track seasons


Kaydence Miller joined the girls’ track program her sophomore year at Trinity Lutheran, while Bryce Peak didn’t start running track at Brownstown Central until his junior year.

Both athlete said they wish they would have started running track earlier in their careers, but they enjoy the meets this spring.

Both competed in the Sam Sumner meet at Borden on Saturday. Miller ran in the 4×400 and 4×100 relays, and in the 100 meter dash. Peak concentrated on the long jump and the pole vault.

Miller prefers shorter races and of the two relays, she said she likes the 4×100 relay the best.

“I like the individual events, I like the 100,” she said. “I like lane four.”

She said the key to getting a good start in the 100 is getting off to a good start.

“I run the second leg,” in the 4×100 relay. “I like to run in the middle. I think we can do really well with our 4×100 and our 4×400 this year. I think we’ll go pretty far. I hope we improve our times and keep doing well.”

She runs first leg in the 4×400 relay. She helped the 4×400 relay team place third and the 4×100 relay team place fifth on Saturday.

Miller said one of the main reasons she came out for track was because of her teammates.

“All my good friends do it. I really like the environment. We all are all very positive and everyone cheers everyone on.”

Miller said she is hoping for more warm weather like has been the past couple days. “I like it when it is 70. The 70s is good weather for track.”

She said runners who run full laps have to be strong physically as well as mentally, especially when it is windy. “The wind is the worst.”

Miller said one of her main goals is to break the school record in the 4×400 relay.

“I hope we can beat the record in the 4×400 because we have a pretty good 4×400 team. We keep getting better at that.”

She said she is glad her events are spread out to where she has plenty of rest time between events.

She said she enjoys being a student at Trinity.

“I like the environment. I have a lot of good friends there and I just like the school.”

Peak says pole vault is his favorite event.

“It just feels like you’re flying,” he said. “You don’t really see a whole lot because you can’t look at the bar, you look at the sky and you’ve just got to get over it.”

Peak said in both the pole vault and long jump you have to have your steps down to be able to have success.

“I’ve got pretty set steps going down (the vault) runway. I’ve just got to stay calm, stay tall and stride out a little bit. I’d say my thrust is OK. I need to get up a little faster with my hips.”

He said in a meet he has cleared 9-6 indoors, and 9-feet at Borden.

“I like how it is different than every other event,” Peak said. “In this event you’re actually using something. Yes, you have shot and discus but that is just showing people your strength. In this event, it shows if you have the skills or not.

“My goal, by sectionals I want to hit 11 feet. That’s what I’m aiming for. I’m trying to hit 18-6 in the long jump.”

He said of all the field events, he feels the long jump and pole vault are the easiest for him to have success in.

“My steps are completely different for both. My pole vault is a lot closer because I don’t need to gain full speed. You’ve got to get the pole to bend.”

He said he played baseball his freshman year and golf his sophomore year, but didn’t have as much success as he was hoping for, so he switched to track his junior.

“Unfortunately I wish I would have done track my freshman year. I would have been a lot better.”

Peak said he enjoys the home meets, and likes the pole vault and long jump facilities at Brownstown. He enjoys attending BCHS.

“I love being a student at Brownstown Central,” Peak said.

Track and Field Honor Roll


4×800 relay: Seymour 10:57.89, Brownstown 12:36.38

100: Kenzi Henkle (S) 13.5, Hailey Blair (BC) 13.7, Emalee Goss (TL) 14.42, kaydance Miller (TL) 14.87

200: Henkle (S) 27.54, Sophie Wischmeier (BC) 31.0, Tori Lokey (BC) 32.84

400: Sydney Montgomery (S) 1:05.57, Wisachmeier (BC) 1:09, Katie Malone (TL) 1:09.03, Cheyenne Campbell (TL) 1:09.64

800: Kelly Bevers (S) 2:43.50, Lana Wisler (BC) 2:45.95, Kaylee Steward (BC) 2:57.67

1600: Vivienne Siefker (S) 5:37.38, Wisler (BC) 5:59, Steward (BC) 6:17.84

3200: Siefker (S) 12:09.49, Trinity Cody (BC) 15:28.90

100 hurdles: Ella Brock (S) 18.39, Noe McPherson 18.8

300 hurdles: brock (S) 51.53, McPherson (BC) 56.1

4×100 relay: Seymour 52.69, Brownstown 54.9, Trinity Luthern 58.64

4×400 relay: Seymour 4:29.84, Brownstown 4:37.51, Trinity Lutheran 4:46.65

High jump: Montgomery (S) 5-2, Goss (TL) 5-0, Wisler (BC) 4-8

Long jump: Bair (BC) 15-71/2, Myrlanda Beaubrun (S) `4-11

Shot put: Willow Nowland (S) 30-113/4, Bailey Bonde (S) 30-41/2, Olivia Fritz (BC) 30-11

Discus: Fritz (BC) 107-8, Keira Linville (S) 84-10, Alexa Wheeles (BC) 80-0, Hali Burton (C) 73-11

Pole vault: Lokey (BC) 6-6, AnnMarie Shuler (S) 6-6


4×800 relay: Seymour 8:32, Brownstown 8:41

100: Jesse Mellencamp (S) 11.3, Hudson Fritz (BC) 11.69, Jack Psce (BC) 11.96

200: Mellencamp (S) 22.95, Fritz (BC) 23.47, Pace (BC) 23.52

400: Jaylan Johnson (S) 50.88, Garrett Driver (BC) 51.18

800: Michael Brooks (S) 2:03, Eli Crockett (BC) 2:08 Shane Ratliff (BC) 2:09

1600: Shane Ratliff (BC) 4:42.8, Chance Ratliff (BC) 4:45, Dirk Crater (C) 4:55

3200: Chance Ratliff (BC) 10:05, Crater (C) 11:55

110 hurdles: Jake Holland (TL) 15.56, Alex Franklin (S) 16.19, Isiah Engle (BC) 17.3

300 hurdles: Engle (BC) 42.53, Holland (TL) 42.91, Kyle Hileman (S) 43.29, Gregory Hutcheson (BC) 4349

4×100 relay: Seymour 44.12, Brownstown 44.7, Crothersville 51.31

4×400 relay: Seymour 3:32, Brownstown 3:40

High jump: Nathaniel Conyer (BC) 5-4, Trevor Branaman (BC) 5-0

Long jump: Johnson (S) 20-6, Pace (BC) 18-10

Shot put: Boone Nicholson (S) 45-8, Isaac Hutchinson (BC) 45-11/2

Discus: Owen Kruse (S) 138-8, Hutchinson (BC) 134-4

Pole vault: Jadrix Zumhingst (S) 11-0, Bryce Peak (BC) 9-0

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