Braves, Cougars, Hornets and Tigers compete at Sam Sumner Invite


BORDEN — Brownstown Central’s Lana Wisler turned in an outstanding performance for the Brownstown Central girls track team in the Sam Sumner meet at Borden Saturday.

The sophomore distance runner won two individual races and helped the Braves’ 4×400 relay team place first to help the team place third in the team standings.

Springs Valley was first with 149 points, Borden was second with 115, the Braves scored 103, Trinity Lutheran was fourth with 49 points, Crothersville was 12th with 4 points and Medora did not score.

In the boys’ competition, Garrett Driver set a meet record in winning the 400, and ran on the winning 4×400 relay team to help the Braves place second with 146 1/2 points.

Springs Valley scored 182 1/2 points, Trinity was 10th with 10, and Crothersville was 12th with 6.

Wisler started her day by winning the 1600 in 6:0058. She followed that up by winning the 800 in 2:45.95, and she teamed up with Tori Lokey, Hailey Bair and Noelani McPherson to win the 4×400 relay in 4:37.51.

Wisler was also fourth in the high jump.

BC girls Coach Maria Conklin said, “We had PRs across the board today so that was exciting,” she said. “The last 4-by-4 was fun. We were behind when we got the baton.” She said all four girls in both the 4×400 and 4×800 had great splits.”

Borden was a close second in the 4×400 relay in 4:37.59.

Kaylee Steward dropped 11 seconds from her split last week in the 4×800, and Chelsie Combs dropped 10 seconds in the 400.

“We’ve got girls that are really stepping up,” Conklin said and added that Tori Lokey and Ellie Black both had good attempts in the pole vault, and Alexa Wheeles and Jenna Boknecht had good efforts in the discus.

The Braves won the 4×800 relay as Kaylee Steward, Lokey, Chelsie Combs and Trinity Cody ran a 12:36.28.

The Trinity girls brought home two first-place ribbons as Emalee Goss won the high jump at 5-feet and bailey Bonde won the shot put with a throw of 30-4-1/2.

Crothersville’s points came from Brooklyn Bottorff and Hali Burton. Bottorff was seventh in the discus and eighth in the shot, and Burton was eighth in the discus.

Medora as a team this spring for the first time in several seasons and Carley McCammon is the head coach. Since this was Medora’s first meet, she said she expects the Hornets to improve with practice and experience.

Driver set a meet record in winning the 400 in 51.18, and later he teamed up with Gregory Hutcheson, Ryan Branaman and Isaiah Engle to win the 4×400 relay in 3:40.87.

The Braves were second in the 4×800 and 4×100 relay.

Placing second individually for the Braves were Shane Ratliff in the 800, Chance Ratliff in the 3200, Engle in the 300 hurdles, and Isaac Hutchinson in the shot put and discus.

Brownstown boys coach Derrick Koch said, “We competed really well. This was our first big meet this year. We knew Springs Valley would be great this year and offer us good competition.

“Our boys stepped up and competed well with them, so I’m happy to see how they did,” he added. “The 1600 relay is always a good evaluation of how the overall team will be, the strength of the team.”

Trinity was led by Jake Holland with a second in the 110 high hurdles.

Trinity coach Keith Dyer said, “We had a lot of highlights with Bailey Bonde winning shot put and she came in fifth in discus. We had Emalee Goss win the high jump, which was really good.”

“Bella Griner, one of our freshmen, scored in high jump, I was really pleased with that,” Dyer added. “Jake Holland did well in the 110 hurdles. He had a rough start and hit one hurdle hard, which slowed him down. He still took second, which was excellent.”

Our freshman Miller, Oliver (Eggersman) set his personal best today. The girls did a good job in the 4×100 relay.

“We have some stuff to work on. I was really happy with all the kids. I thought we had some good performances, but I want to improve every meet because I want them to peek when it comes to sectional.”

Dirk Crater scored Crothersville’s points by finishing fifth in the 3200 and seventh in the 1600.

Girls’ Results

Team Scores: Springs Valley 149, Borden 115, Brownstown Central 103, Trinity Lutheran 49, Providence 45, New Washington 30, Henryville 22, Crawford County 13, Lanesville 13, South Central 11, Shoals 10, Crothersville 4

Individual Results (Firsts plus Brownstown, Trinity, Crothersville and Medora results)

4×800 relay: 1-BC (Kaylee Steward, Tori Lokey, Chelsie Combs, Trinity Cody) 12:36.28

100 hurdles: 1, Kinsey Saliba (SV) 17.18, 4-Noelani McPherson (BC) 21.27

100: 1, Miya Campbell (SV) 13.97, 5-Hailey Bair (BC) 14.30, 6-Emalee Goss (TL) 14.42, 10-Kaydance Miller (TL) 14.87, 15-Kori Ault (BC) 15.94, 16-Jazlin Gibson (C) 16.01, 17-Lilian Hatchett (M) 16.11, 18-Peyton Spencer (M) 16.66

1600: 1, Lana Wisler (BC) 6:00.58, 3-Steward (BC) 6:17.84

4×100 relay: 1-SV 54.43, 3-BC (Bair, Ault, McPherson, Ellie Black) 57.16, 5-TL (Goss, Miller, Abby Lorenz, Liana Klinge) 58.64

400: 1, Makalya Drennon (CrawCo) 1:07.92, 4-Katie Malone (TL) 1:09.03, 5-Cheyenne Campbell (TL) 1:09.64, 6-Black (BC) 1:12.05, 7-Combs (BC) 1;13.90, 11-Gibson (C ) 1;15.81

300 hurdles: 1, Saliba (SV) 52.96, 4-McPherson (BC) 56.86

800: 1, Wisler (BC) 2:45.95, 3-Steward (BC) 2:57.67, 9-Spence 3:26.75, 10-Lakin Hinderlider (M) 3:29.70

200: Campbell (SV) 29.01, 9-Lokey (BC) 32.84, 10-Gibson (C) 33.17, 12-Klinge (BC) 34.75, 13-Paige Thompson (BC) 36.40, 14-Marley Coomler (TL) 41.24

4×400 relay: 1-BC (Wisler, Lokey, Bair, McPherson) 4:37.51, 3-TL (Bailey Bonde, Campbell, Miller, Katie Malone) 4:46.65

Shot put: 1-Bonde (TL) 30-41/2, 8-Brooklyn Bottorff (C) 26-11 ½, 9-Hayden Pilgrim (C ) 26-8, 13-Jenna Boknecht (BC) 24-3, 14-Lilian Hatchett (M) 24-1/2, 15-Alexa Wheeles (BC) 22-51/2

Discus: 1, Shelbi Thornbury (Bor) 82-11/2, 3-Wheeles (BC) 80-0, 5-Bonde (TL) 75-8, 7-Bottorff (C) 74-8, 8-Hali Burton (C) 73-11, 12-Boknecht (BC) 69-3, 18-Winter Thompson (M) 38-41/2

Long jump: 1, Campbell (SV) 14-8 ¾, 2-Bair (BC) 14-5 ½,

High jump: 1, Goss (TL) 5-0, 4-Wisler (BC) 4-8 5-Bella Griner (TL) 4-4

Pole vault: 1, Addie Jones (Bor) 7-0

Boys’ Results

Teams: Springs Valley 182.5, Brownstown 146.5, Henryville 86.5, Eastern 53, Providence 42, Crawford County 28, Borden 21, Shoals 17, South Central 16, Trinity Lutheran 10, New Washington 8, Crothersville 6, Lanesville 5

4×800 relay: 1, SV 8:29.73, 2-BC (Chance Ratliff, Eli Crockett, Damien Owens, Shane Ratliff) 8:41.24

110 hurdles: 1, Jaheim Hamilton (SV) 16.39 2-Jake Holland (TL) 16.85, 4-Isiah Engle (BC) 17.31, 6-Trey Sweaney (BC) 18.70, 12-Taylor Barger (C) 20.95

100: 1, Christian Hamilton (SV) 11.62, 3-Hudson Fritz (BC) 11.69, 4-Jack Pace (BC) 11.96, 13-Sam Dyer (TL) 13.15

1600: 1, Carson Brown (SV) 4:37.04, 3-S. Ratliff (BC) 4:42.83, 5-C. Ratliff 9BC) 4:45.39, 7-Dirk Crater (C) 4:55.03, 13-Oliver Eggersman (TL) 5:31.65, 14-Koby Davis (C ) 5;33.20, 17-Adam Sutton (TL) 5:36.63

4×100 relay: 1, SV 44.60, 2-BC (Gregory Hutcheson, Pace, Engle, Fritz) 44.73

400: Garrett Driver (BC) 51.18, 6-Ryan Branaman (BC) 55.43. 12-Brayden Heath (C ) 1:00.93, 14-Dyer (TL) 1:02.29, 15-Landon Gasaway (TL) 1:02.88

300 hurdles: 1, Hamilton (SV) 41.63, 2-Engle (BC) 42.53, 3-Hutcheson (BC) 43.49, 13-Barger (C) 53.76

800: 1, Alan Marshall (SV) 2:03.50, 5-S. Ratliff (BC) 2:13.59, 6-Eli Crockett (BC) 2:16.02, 11-Davis (C ) 2:29.24, 13-Stephen Trager (TL) 2:29.98, 15-Sutton 2:32.16

200: 1, Myles Baker (H) 22.91, 3-Fritz (BC) 23.47, 4-Pace (BC) 23.52, 13-Heath (C ) 26.95, 16-Gasaway (TL) 27.79, 18-Jeremy McQuirt (C ) 28.33

3200: 1, Brown (SV) 9:54, 2-C. Ratliff (BC) 10:05, 5-Crater (C ) 11:03, 7-Traven Wellman (BC) 11:31, 8-Eggersman (TL) 12:01

4×400 relay: 1, BC (Hutcheson, Driver, Branaman, Engle) 3:40.87, 8-TL (Sutton, Gasaway, Trager, Dyer) 4:18.76

Shot Put: 1, Larron Childers (SV) 52-2, 2-Isaac Hutchinson (BC) 4511/2, 8-Branaman (BC) 38-5

Discus: 1, Childers (SV) 148-8, 2-Hutchinson (BC) 127-3, 4-Jaden Disque (BC) 123-9

Long jump: C. Hamilton (SV) 20-111/4, 3-tie Pace (BC) 18-4/12, 11-Peak (BC) 15-121 ¾, 13-Jeremy Mize (C) 15-4

High jump: Chandler Dukes (East) 6-2, 5-Nataniel Conyer (BC) 5-4, tie 8-Trevor Branaman (BC) 5-0

Pole vault: Landon Dobbs (Henry) 14-3, 4-Peak (BC) 9-0, 5-Brady Blann (BC) 8-0

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