Chasing Bubbles Foundation launches initiative to help restore Sailing Vehicle Bubbles


The Chasing Bubbles Foundation recently announced a new fundraising initiative to commemorate how far the efforts in restoring the sailing vessel, Bubbles, has come.

S/V Bubbles, now docked in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, was once sailed by the late Alex Rust from Seymour, and is being prepared to set sail again in the upcoming weeks, according to a news release from the foundation.

This Peer-2-Peer initiative invites donors to unite their communities and raise funds to continue the extensive restoration of S/V Bubbles. This enables them to preserve the legacy of the sailing vehicle and progress toward their goals of spreading positivity and embracing the spirit of exploration for the youth.

Rust’s life tragically ended at the age of 28, when he traveled to India, looking for ways to help kids. Now, the Chasing Bubbles Foundation is committed to picking up where Rust left off, supporting 12 students in India with scholarships and virtual coaching. The mission doesn’t end here, though, as Chasing Bubbles continues to follow the path Rust made for them.

For the initiative, the aim is to raise a collective $100,000 from the global community. These funds are crucial for S/V Bubbles’s restoration, making sure she is seaworthy, according to the foundation.

Anyone who enjoys sailing, pursing adventure, and helping get kids outdoors is encouraged to contribute to this noble journey.

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