Itsa Unique-a celebrates with eclipse painting and moon pies


Everyone is preparing themselves for the eclipse, and Yendor, owner of Itsa Unique-a Hand Made Shop, is taking an artistic approach on how he is recognizing the natural phenomenon.

Located at 121 E. Third St. (the corner of Third and Ewing streets), there is a hand-painted mural of the eclipse.

Not only does this painting look like the eclipse, but it shares another similarity: it glows. At night, the ring of light around the blackened moon is visible, capturing the three minutes everyone will be experiencing of the eclipse on Monday.

Yendor painted it himself along with family members who painted the flowers sprouting up from the ground.

The building has another side of it covered in fun quotes and phrases painted by family and friends of Yendors.

Some of these such as “Run, Forrest, run” reference pop culture or subvert expectations such as, “If it ain’t broke fit it.” Besides the words themselves, the arrangement of these phrases vary, sometimes following the divots in the wall like lined paper and other times, running off the page.

Starting out as a gas station, Itsa Unique-a has continued to change and grow over the years, expanding with now 15 workers available to craft the array of wooden pieces within its walls.

After the original gas station was purchased by Yendor’s friend, within the half hour, it became Yendor’s. Now, it has been turned into a place that displays many woodworkings for the community to come in and admire.

Itsa Unique-a will be opened from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, and they are handing out free moon pies with sunglasses attached to them to celebrate the occassion.

“Its just something silly for the kids,” Yendor said.

He described himself similarly, saying he was “just a silly guy.” Don’t forget to stop by, get a picture by the eclipse, and grab a moon pie to get a taste of how Seymour is celebrating eclipse day.

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