It’s time to make Seymour shine again


For more than four decades, one week has been set aside in April for residents and businesses in Seymour to do a little extra spring cleaning.

The year’s Make Seymour Shine week has been set for April 15 to 19.

The program gives city residents an opportunity to place one pile of items at the curb on their regular trash pickup day. Trash must be set out by 7 a.m., their regular trash pickup day. There will be a charge for large piles afterwards.

Make Seymour Shine is for residential and small businesses only. There will be no alley pickups.

The piles of trash need to be kept free of overhead and obstacles in general that would prevent the city’s clam trucks from picking up.

Residents and businesses are asked to keep trash separated from yard waste piles.

Any non-approved container used will be assumed as trash and will be thrown away. They are perfect for yard waste but not approved for trash.

The department of public works has partnered with the Jackson County Solid Waste District to host a tire amnesty for automobile and light truck tires at the DPW facility at 865 F Avenue E at Freeman Field Industrial Park on April 13, the Saturday before Make Seymour Shine. This is the second tire amnesty event.

Everyone should enter from Second Avenue and exit along the F Avenue. There will be signs directing people where to go.

The e-waste charge is $20 per device with a screen. They can be dropped off and paid for at the DPW facility from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday or placed at the curb and DPW will send you a bill. E-waste needs to be kept separate from trash and recyclables.

DPW occasionally find televisions mixed within piles of trash. This creates more work and time on the routes for employees having to pick through and separate E-waste from trash or recyclables.

Latex paint must be dried with cat litter, saw dust or oil dry. Once dried out, latex paint can be added to normal trash, so keep the lid off so drivers can see that it has been dried. If your label states your paint is oil-based, bring into DPW at the recycle drop off. It will be recorded and disposed of properly.

Household hazardous waste, including pesticides, old fuels, cleaners, oil-based paint and other items may be brought to the Seymour Department of Public Works’ recycle information booth during regular business hours.

The Greater Seymour Chamber of Commerce, now known as the Jackson County Chamber started the program in April of 1981 and it was designed as a way to make Seymour a better place to live, work and play. At that time, the program coincided with National Keep America Beautiful Day.

Anyone with questions may call DPW at 812-524-1100 or email [email protected].

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