Give the voters of Jackson County a voice to be heard


To the editor:

I’m 77-plus years old and have never been involved or spoken out about politics before.

It has been a full time job to stay afloat, keep food on the table, pay bills and save a little for the future. I was not born with a sliver spoon or a chance for any inheritance.

I was born in a great county, state, and country where I could work, play, dream and succeed. It was a time of hard working, honest, god fearing men and women who cared about each other and had plenty of common sense.

In my lifetime, things have changed for the worse. Not the country but the few that make the laws and run it for themselves. To me it seems that career politicians are to blame. They are puppets on a string controlled by the very rich and powerful few. The government is no longer for the people. It’s for the few that run it. They have passed laws where only their groomed chosen few can ever run for office in Congress.

Now to the point I’m trying to make.

There is a man right here in Jackson County who is very honest, knowledgeable and capable of being our next U.S. senator for Indiana.

John Rust believes there should be a two-term limit on how long one can serve to keep them from being corrupted. He is not a puppet. He has no strings attached, he can’t be bought.

That is the reason the Republican Party has fought so hard to keep him off the ballot. This fight has become a David and Goliath battle. John Rust does not take many chances or take things for granted. He studies and researches everything he does. John Rust has been very successful and a fighter for what is right. He feels that it is his patriotic duty. He is not after money or the fame, but for the hard working people of Indiana.

P.S. I know I have no power, but if someone who reads this does and can get him on the ballot, your help would forever be appreciated. It would give the voters of Jackson County a voice to be heard.

Steven D. Starr, Seymour

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