Owls finish gymnastics season with narrow victory over Olympians


The Owls gymnastics team hosted its final meet of the regular season on Monday against Columbus East.

Seymour edge the Olympians 96.7-93.1, finishing the season strong with a win.

Athletes Nev Cockerham and Gillian Bumbleburg spoke on their performances from Monday.

“I think I did pretty good compared to the other meets,” Cockerham said “I still have a couple of things I need to work on before sectional on Friday. But overall, I think did well.”

“I think I definitely could have done better, but I’m not upset about it,” Bumbleburg said. “I felt I stayed consistent throughout.”

Cockerham finished in second place in the all-around standings, placing first in beam with a score of 8. She finished in second place in vault and bars and third on her floor routine.

Mia Dailey finished in third place overall, taking first place on her floor performance and tying Cockerham for second in bars. She also finished second on the beam.

Ella Brock took fifth place in the all-around standings. Her best performance came in the floor routine, where she placed second.

Vivian Newkirk finished in 6th place all-around. Her best finish came with a 4th in the floor performance.

Both girls were asked about their team success this season.

“I think we worked really well together,” Bumbleburg said. “The family aspect of it is really nice. I think we all brought each other together to improve this year.”

Bumbleburg finished in seventh place overall.

“As I team, I think we did pretty good overall,” Cockerham said. “From the athletes we have, I thought we had a solid season.”

Seymour will now focus on the postseason, heading to Franklin Central High School on Friday evening for sectional. The event will start at 6:30 p.m.

Cockerham spoke on what she’s looking forward to in the postseason.

“I’m looking forward to spending another meet with my teammates this year,” Cockerham said. “We’re bringing the same team back next year since we have no seniors.”

It’s hard to argue with Cockerham’s mentality heading into the postseason.

“It’s going to be a different meet, and I think we’re just going to have a lot of fun,” she said.

Seymour 96.7, Columbus East 93.1

Individual results

Vault: 1, Bethany Lewis, 8.9, Columbus East. 2, Nev Cockerham, 8.40, Seymour. 3, Mia Dailey, 8.25, Seymour. 4, Ella Brock, 8.10, Seymour. 5, Vivian Newkirk, 8.050, Seymour. 6, Gillian Bumbleburg, 8.050, Seymour.

Bars: 1, Bethany Lewis, 8.10. 2, Nev Cockerham, 7.750. 2, Mia Dailey, 7.750. 6, Vivian Newkirk, 7.25. 7, Ella Brock, 7.050. 10, Gillian Bumbleburg, 5.150.

Beam: 1, Nev Cockerham, 8.00. 2, Mia Dailey, 7.80. 5, Vivian Newkirk, 7.05. 6, Ella Brock, 6.95. 8, Gillian Bumbleburg, 7.05.

Floor: 1, Mia Dailey, 8.850, 2, Ella Brock, 8.800. 3, Nev Cockerham, 8.70. 4, Vivian Newkirk, 8.25. 6, Gillian Bumbleburg, 7.20.

All-around: 1, Bethany Lewis, 33.700. 2, Nev Cockerham, 32.850. 3, Mia Dailey, 32.650, 5, Ella Brock, 30.900. 6, Vivian Newkirk, 30.600. 7, Gillian Bumbleburg, 25.900.

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