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Jackson Superior Court I


Synchrony Bank, 775 Corporate Woods Pkwy., Vernon Hills, Illinois, v. Amelia Lewis, 909 N. Park St., Seymour, seeking $3,135.84, filed Feb. 16.

Midland Credit Management Inc., P.O. Box 70069, Louisville, Kentucky, v. Timothy Roll, 954 W. County Road 50S, Brownstown, seeking $1,142,75, filed Feb. 15.

Citibank National Association, 775 Corporate Woods Pkwy., Vernon Hills, Illinois, v. Misty Hedrick, 7081 S. County Road 1025E, Crothersville, seeking $2,774.78, filed Feb. 14.

LVNV Funding LLC, 775 Corporate Woods Pkwy., Vernon Hills, Illinois, v. Rob Johnson, 615 W. Commerce St., Brownstown, seeking $1,403.47, filed Feb. 14.

Atlas Services Inc., 9247 N. Meridian St., Suite 101, Indianapolis, v. Arturo Adams Jr., 222 Indianapolis Ave., Apt. 22, Seymour, seeking $517.30, filed Feb. 13.

Synchrony Bank v. Lori Fryar, 1758 Lilly Drive, Seymour, seeking $2,419.68, filed Feb. 13.

First Financial Bank National Association, 550 Congressional Blvd., Suite 210, Carmel, v. Cody Peacock, 5594 N. Terry Road, Austin, seeking amount to be determined, filed Feb. 13.

Barclays Bank of Delaware v. Joshua A. Barlow, 220 Whites Station Road, Seymour, seeking $2,927.81, filed Feb. 12.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Judy Scroghan, 277 Central Ave., Seymour, seeking $1,935.61, filed Feb. 9.

Wakefield & Associates, assignee of Jackson County Schneck Memorial Hospital, dba as Schneck Medical Center, v. Chelsey J. Klosterman, 615 W. Oak St., Columbus, seeking $1,988.36, filed Feb. 9.

Daniel J. Gorbett v. Sherri R. Herron, seeking damages stemming from a wreck on Burkart Boulevard south of State Street in Seymour, filed Feb. 8.


Planet Home Lending LLC v. Brenden Pleasant and Albani Brown, 708 W. Brown St., Seymour, for property at 708 W. Brown St., Seymour, filed Feb. 14.

Small claims

T&T Bodyshop, 3205 E. U.S. 50, Seymour, vs. Michael Barger, 140 S. East St., Crothersville, seeking damages in the amount of $5,100.50, filed Feb. 8.

Dan Brock, 503 Market St., Jonesville, vs. Jessica Soto and Douglas Johnson, 604 W. Second St., Room C, Seymour, seeking possession of premises, unpaid rent in the amount of $3,335 and damages to be determined, filed Feb. 8.

T&P Property Services vs. Tammy S. Reed Perry, 390 S. Jackson Park Drive, Apt. 106, Seymour, seeking possession of premises, filed Feb. 7.

Jackson Superior Court II

Marriage licenses

Jessica M. Ross, 24, and Tyler D. Peters, 26, both of 10418 County Road 250N, Seymour, issued Feb. 13.

Daniel Earl Toppe, 67, and Stephanie Jo Prewitt, 67, both of 7507 S. County Road 1025E, Crothersville, issued Feb. 12.

Esperanza Perez Sosa, 42, and Francisco Palacios Gonzalez, 29, both of 513 R. Pardieck Ave., Seymour, issued Feb. 9.

Real estate disclosures

Louzetta Moore to Hardin Property Solutions LLC, 402 E. Bard St., Crothersville, $53,000, filed Feb. 12.

Randy M. Hamilton to state of Indiana, 6861 N. County Road 100E, Seymour, $8,000, (acquired for highway purposes), filed Feb. 12.

City of Seymour to state of Indiana, 900 block of South Walnut Street, Seymour, $3,850, (acquired for highway purposes), filed Feb. 12.

Tristan Brandenburg to Makayla Leann Kieser, 2961 N. State Road 11, Seymour, $182,300, filed Feb. 12.

LVT Enterprises LLC to Ashley N. Gerth, 316 Calvin Blvd., Seymour, $225,000, filed Feb. 12.

Marilyn J. McKeand to Franklin Poore, 2663 N. County Road 925W, Norman, $163,000, filed Feb. 12.

Greg and Lori Hoevener to Sandra Monroe, trustee of the Sandra K. Monroe Revocable Trust, and Marcia J. Monroe, pt. SE 27-6-6, 14.85 acres in 3000 block of North County Road 1040E, Seymour, $73,500, filed Feb. 9.

Troy J. and Kristine M. Steinkamp, as co-trustees of the Troy J. and Kristine M. Steinkamp Revocable Trust, to Nathan William Steinkamp, pt. NW 6-5-5, 3.65 acres in 1000 block of East U.S. 50, Brownstown, $10,000, filed Feb. 9.

Troy Lynn Strong to Grant Homes LLC, pt. E½ NW 10-6-4, 9.65 acres at 1605 W. State Road 258, Seymour, $132,500, filed Feb. 9.

Annette Guilford, Ashley Guilford and Levon Barth to Bruce and Rene Wilson, pt. N½ NE¼ 25-7-5 in 6000 block of East County Road 1000N, Seymour, $135,000, filed Feb. 9.

Judith Allman to Brian K. and Ronda S. Boles, pt. SW 35-5-2, 98.50 acres in 12000 block of West County Road 400S, Medora, $74,000, filed Feb. 9.

Jackson-Jennings Ag LLC to Saraon Inc., 314 E. Second St., Seymour, $450,000, filed Feb. 8.

Lizbeth Bundy and Mary Ellen Gordon to Hunter Sporleder, 832 Phillips Lane, Seymour, $220,000, filed Feb. 7.

Byron Eugene Gilliam to B1 Rentals LLC, Lot No. 4 in Block B of Mahalaville to the town of Freeport, now called Freetown, 6700 block of North Glendenning St., Freetown, $17,000, filed Feb. 7.

Steven W. Blake to Leighton J. Rose and Chloe L. Harris, 9418 W. County Road 300S, Medora, $80,000, filed Feb. 7.

Terry Craig to Jason E. and Klint Miller, 914 W. Fifth St., Seymour, (property trade), filed Feb. 8.

Jason Miller to Terry Craig, 1001 W. Jackson St., Seymour, (property trade), filed Feb. 8.

LeeAnn VonDielingen, personal representative of the estate of Edna L. Akers, deceased, to Blake A. and Lauren R. Mellencamp, 816 Polley Drive, Seymour, $125,000, filed Feb. 6.

Christine M. Werskey to Christopher N. and Gloria D. Schrader, 9230 E. County Road 50N, Seymour, $50,000, filed Feb. 6.

Jon C. and Peggy L. Robison to Christopher Barnard, tract 2 Jackson & Darlage boundary split survey, 500 block of West Spring St., Brownstown, (addition of yard to property), $30,000, filed Feb. 6.

Building permits

Seymour (January)

China Garden, 310 Burkart Blvd., new commercial building, estimated cost, $500,000

The Anderson LLC, 101 Agrico Lane, new commercial building, $597,000

Walmart Distribution Center, commercial remodel, $16 million

Cummins, 160 S. Jackson Park Drive, remodel, $4.1 million

KOT Properties LLC, 117 W. Second St., commercial remodel, $25,000

Jackson County (January)

Ross J. Cruse, 10063 N. County Road 100E, Seymour, 600-square-foot home with 1,200-square-foot-garage and 900-square-foot porch at 10063 N. County Road 100E, Seymour, estimated cost, $209,000

Chakera Jones for owner Eric Kruse, 224-square-foot addition to home at 9953 N. County Road 100E, Seyour, estimated cost, $60,000

Susan M. Christman, 2388 N. County Road 1250W, Norman, 900-square-foot cabin at 2388 N. County Road 1250W, Norman, estimated cost, $50,000

Dave’s Farm, 11166 N. County Road 25E, Seymour, 1,766-square-foot home at 8256 N. Base Road, Seymour, estimated cost, $300,000

Mark D. and Leah E. Sweany, 8920 N. County Road 50E, Seymour, 1,200-square-foot accessory building, estimated cost $21,600

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