Scarlett Johansson and Dan Marino have fun with almost being champions in Super Bowl commercial


LAS VEGAS (AP) — Actor Scarlett Johansson and NFL legend Dan Marino come from different professions, but they have two things in common: Both have a sweet tooth and an infatuation with M&Ms.

Johansson and Marino will star in the Super Bowl commercial that will focus on the candy being the comfort fun food while watching the big game. Both will be placed in a humorous scenario around the theme, poking fun at their respective “almost champion” status from her Oscars and his Super Bowl loss.

The commercial will also have guest appearances from former NFL players Terrell Owens and Bruce Smith.

Johansson is so much of a Marino fan that she agreed to do the commercial before even knowing M&Ms was the brand behind it. Thankfully, she’s a lover of the candy too — particularly the peanut butter version.

“Some creative brain stuck us together,” said Johansson, who has starred in the films “Black Widow,” “Lucy” and “Asteroid City.” “I was pretty excited about it, mostly because I was excited to work with Dan. I didn’t want to geek out, but I couldn’t wait to meet him. As soon as my agent said Dan Marino’s name, I was like ‘Yes, this is awesome. What is this for?’ ”

Johansson added: “This commercial is so exciting. I mean, I’m like a massive peanut butter M&M fan, so that brings me even more excitement.”

Marino likes the chocolate variety, but he was just as enthused to work with Johansson. He and Johansson didn’t mind that the commercial poked a little fun at them.

“Life goes on,” said the Hall of Fame quarterback who played 17 seasons with the Miami Dolphins and competed in the 1985 Super Bowl. “I played in one Super Bowl and didn’t win. But time passes, and that’s not going to happen. I think if we can have fun all together, make a fun Super Bowl commercial, it’s OK. Almost champions, the comfort, the fun of doing a Super Bowl commercial. That’s perfect for me.”


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