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100 years ago

Blish Street at last to be paved

Blish Street from Second Street to the C.M. & St. P. railroad will be paved at the opening of spring, it was decided at the regular meeting of the city council last night when a resolution to pave the street was introduced by Councilman Burkley. The total cost of the construction work will amount to $30,476.97, according to an estimate of city Engineer J.F. McCurdy, who submitted plans, specifications and profiles for the project at the meeting.

75 years ago

Work begins on radio station

Work has been started toward the construction of Seymour’s new radio station, which will be located on the east side of Alternate U.S. Road 31 north of Seymour a short distance to Riverview Cemetery.

50 years ago

Mayor discusses city seal

Mayor Christopher D. Moritz said Friday a final decision may be made by council members on ideas presented for a new city seal at the next council meeting.

Late last year, announcement was made that the city desired to obtain a new city seal to replace the one currently being used, which is virtually worn out.

25 years ago

Flu bug bites local area

The National Flu Surveillance Network has placed the entire state of Indiana under an influenza warning after noting “a marked increase of flu in the area this first week of February,” according to a recent release from the agency.

The release went on to say that “surveillance sites in Indiana are reporting peak levels of influenza in February after seeing flu cases steadily rise in January.”

Students at Seymour High School have felt the punch of the flu, which carries with it sometimes high fever and a nagging cough, an emergency room supervisor at Memorial Hospital said.

“We have had a lot more absences this week than normal, especially Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,” said Connie Leffler, secretary for attendance at Seymour High School, adding the flu seemed to have subsided somewhat by Friday.

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