Exhibit Columbus wraps up ‘Public by Design’ today


“Public by Design,” Exhibit Columbus’ showcase of 13 outdoor installations partnered with some of Columbus’ most iconic architectural treasures, wraps up today.

This installment of Exhibit Columbus installations welcomed the public in a variety of ways, from artist’s performances at the sites to all-out dance parties for the community under Interoculus in downtown Columbus.

“Echoes of the Hill” from designer Sara Zewde of New York’s Studio Zewde, became part of the summer landscape for Mill Race Park activities as it celebrated the park’s 30th anniversary.

Although many of the installations were designed to be temporary, Chris Marcinkoski, who designed “THE PLOT PROJECT” around the park’s Mill Race Center, created brightly colored pavilion-style benches that will remain after the exhibition. Seeds from the wildflowers and wild grasses project also will remain.

Exhibit Columbus organizers noted that, “In running, there’s something called a gratitude mile, a time in a long run in which you think about all of the people who helped you get where you are. It’s a way to remember that even while doing a solitary act like running, you do it with the support of many others. This is what’s on our mind this week: how grateful we are that our organization has produced this cycle of Exhibit Columbus and how grateful we are for the support we receive to do this work. After nearly two years, Public by Design ends this Sunday!”

To get a last glimpse of the installations today, check out the list at https://www.exhibitcolumbus.org/2023-exhibition.

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