French power supplier says technician killed as it battles damage from Storm Ciarán


PARIS (AP) — French power network operator Enedis said Sunday that one of its technicians was killed as it battles to restore electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes in the wake of major storms.

The 46-year-old man killed Saturday was working in a rapid-reaction force deployed in the Brittany region of northwest France that was battered Thursday by Storm Ciarán. Packing record-breaking winds and rain, the storm killed 14 people across Europe.

Enedis said that police were investigating the man’s death. French media reported that the technician was electrocuted while working on a power cable.

Enedis said Sunday that it was still working to restore power to 112,000 homes in Brittany and another 25,200 in the adjacent Normandy region.

Another storm, Domingos, that followed in Ciarán’s wake and thumped western France’s Atlantic coast also caused power outages and other damage, with another 110,000 homes still without electricity on Sunday, Enedis said.

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