Lutheran Dartball week two standings and results


Week two of the Lutheran Dartball league is in the books. There are two teams are tied with 6 – 0 records, Sauers E and Wegan B.

Sauers E scored 22 runs in defeating Dudleytown D 3–1, 12–3, and 7–4. Wegan B topped Zion 2-5, 6–5, and 6–4. Immanuel 1 is tied with White Creek N at 5–1.

Immanuel Darty had the hot hand Monday, scoring a league-best 29 runs, 8, 16 and 5. The Dudleytown Mets scored a run in the ninth inning of the first game to win 5–4. The second game, Brownstown 4 scored a run in the bottom of the eighth to win 3–2. In game three, the Mets scored 3 in the eighth and 1 run in the ninth to win 8–6.

Dudleytown N swept the Pastors, winning all three games by a single run with the third contest going 11 innings.

Sauers B – Sharing the record with Dudleytown N for most years in the league is Sauers B. Like Dudleytown, Sauers was one of the 5 original teams in the league.

With the start of the third year, Sauers added a second team to form Sauers A and Sauers B.Through 68 years of league play, Sauers B’s record is 1709–2197 for a .438 winning percentage.

Their best finish in the league was 4th place in 1967-68 with a record of 52 – 35 for a .598 pct. Their highest scoring game was 23 runs in 1970-71.

Their best series was 45 runs in the 1983-84 season. Sauers B holds the 8th highest losing score in a season game, losing to Wegan W 19–16 in 1976-77.

While Sauers B has never won the league, they were the champions of the 1979 tournament, beating Sauers A in the championship game 15–8. Their 15 runs is the third highest winning score in a championship game. ‘

Sauers B also finished runner-up in the tournament in 1999 and 2022. Start making your picks for next week with the third high longevity in the league.

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