NFL warns teams that fighting won’t be tolerated and penalties will strictly enforced


The NFL has warned teams that any fights could result in significant punishment, including disqualification.

In a memo sent to clubs on Wednesday and obtained by The Associated Press, the league said “fighting is never acceptable” and it plans to “strongly enforce” its game-day policies.

Penalties include disqualification, significant fines and/or suspension without pay.

The league is cracking down on fighting after pregame fights marred two games last week — the 49ers-Browns and Cowboys-Chargers.

No players were disciplined for their actions pregame last week.

The memo also emphasized three key points: Teams must warm up within their own 45-yard line, players or club personnel can be disqualified for actions that happen pregame and video will be used to determine if pregame actions warrant discipline after the fact.

“Sportsmanship and respect are at the core of NFL football, and fighting is irreconcilable with these values,” the league said in the memo.



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