Public comment period open for Medora Landfill


The Indiana Department of Environmental Management opened a 30-day public comment period on Sept. 5 after having received an application from Rumpke of Indiana LLC to increase the amount of daily tonnage that the Medora Landfill can accept.

The proposed change would mean the landfill would be permitted to receive 3,000 tons of material per day instead of 2,000 for a six-day workweek.

The Cincinnati, Ohio-based company currently accepts material from residents and businesses within a 75-mile radius of the landfill at 546 S. County Road 870W. According to the company’s application, the request stems from an increase in customers and other waste companies exiting the marketplace.

The Jackson County Board of Zoning Appeals recently approved the landfill’s request to increase the daily tonnage during a scheduled meeting in May, where the public was able to speak in favor or opposition of the tonnage increase.

The tonnage increase also will increase the total landfill gas flares capacity from 5,935 standard cubic feet per minute to 8,735, according to the notice.

The company also intends to construct and operate new equipment that will emit air pollutants; therefore, the permit contains new or different permit conditions.

According to the public notice, IDEM has reviewed the application and has developed preliminary findings, consisting of a draft permit and several supporting documents, which would allow the applicant to make this change.

The copy of the application and preliminary findings can be found at the Medora Library, 27 W. Main St., Medora, and IDEM Southeast Regional Office, 820 W. Sweet St., Brownstown.

Anyone who could be potentially affected by this proposed air permit is allowed to make public comment.

A person concerned about the proposed change may request that IDEM hold a public hearing about the draft permit. If adverse comments concerning the air pollution impact of the draft permit are received with a request for a public hearing, IDEM will decide whether or not to hold a public hearing.

IDEM also could decide to hold a public meeting instead of or in addition to a public hearing.

At a public hearing, an individual would have the opportunity to submit written comments or make verbal comments. At a meeting, an individual would have an opportunity to submit written comments, ask questions and discuss any air pollution concerns with IDEM staff.

Comments should be sent to Luda Lang with the IDEM Office of Air Quality at 100 N. Senate Ave., MC 61-53 IGCN 1003, Indianapolis, IN 46204. They can be reached at 317-233-0863 or by email at [email protected].

Landfill Manager Brad Marlow told the five-member BZA during a meeting May 9 that the landfill received 538,257 tons this past year, and with the growth in the area, that amount could mirror or increase within the next four months of 2023.

Marlow said during the meeting at the time, however, that will shorten the lifespan of the landfill by 10 years, taking the years of operation to 20 years instead of 30.

Following the end of the public comment period, IDEM will issue a notice of decision stating whether the permit has been issued or denied.

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