Letter to the editor: Lucas’ passion for freedom, liberty defended


To the editor:

Much has been written and said about Jim Lucas’ conduct and behavior. I believe he would be the first to condemn his actions, but I’m sure he learned a life lesson, and I would be surprised if he ever drank another alcohol beverage.

I’m not going to defend his actions, but I will defend his passion for freedom and liberty — something that has been eroded since 9/11. Ninety percent of Jackson County wouldn’t believe the outrageous unconstitutional legislation that has been passed at the federal level since then. Jim Lucas understands this and his desire is to counter (nullify) this at the state level.

Yes, it can be done. That’s what is great about our checks and balance system. I just wish other members of the state and local governments would see the need for this passion. This is very stressful, and Congress members — like the rest of us — need downtime to regroup mentally and physically, but it’s how you do it is the important thing.

“Let he that be without sin, cast the first stone.”

Bill Kendall, Seymour

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