Election board discuss voting centers at meeting


The Jackson County Election Board met Wednesday at the Jackson County Judicial Center to discuss voting centers, early voting hours and number of poll workers for the upcoming general election.

Jackson County Clerk Piper Acton, Pat Bahan and Melissa Acton agreed that Acton would reach out to see if the 237 Building in Medora would be available for the general election. The election board also agreed the first option for a vote center in Brownstown would be the courthouse, and then the Brownstown Park shelter house would be their second option.

Voting centers in Seymour will remain the same as the 2023 municipal primary election. Those include the Jackson County Public Library, Jackson County Learning Center and Calvary Baptist Church.

Acton said she will be reaching out to the Indiana Election Division with questions about early voting, its hours and if dates and hours can be changed. If allowed, the election board will consider reducing the days and hours of early voting since it is only a municipal election and turnout is much smaller.

The election board decided that for early voting, each vote center would potentially have two clerks and two judges. For Election Day, each vote center will potentially have one inspector, four judges and two clerks.

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