JAG students in Jackson County earn $238,160 in scholarships


The Indiana chapter of Jobs for America’s Graduates recently announced this year’s graduating class earned more than $23,200,000 in scholarship money.

Recipients included students from 52 counties, including Jackson County, where 49 students shared $238,160 in scholarships. Brownstown Central and Seymour high schools have JAG programs.

Administered by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, JAG Indiana is a state-based national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping high school students of promise who have experienced challenges achieve success through graduation.

JAG students receive adult mentoring while in school and one year of follow-up counseling after graduation.

“This year’s graduating class is the latest example of young Hoosiers overcoming challenges to succeed in school and begin their journey to a productive and rewarding career,” DWD Commissioner Richard Paulk said. “JAG starts with jobs, and local businesses continue to pour in advice and support to students to not only expose them to job opportunities but also the career pathways available in their hometowns.”

The scholarship money includes millions of dollars for JAG graduates who are receiving funds from the 21st Century Scholarship and Frank O’Bannon Grant.

“With many graduates receiving the 21st Century Scholars and the Frank O’Bannon Grant, JAG Indiana continues to be a leader in increasing access to education beyond high school for all Hoosier students,” said Chris Lowery, the state’s commissioner for higher education.

Recently, JAG Indiana received the 6 of 6 Award at the 40th annual national training seminar in Louisville, Kentucky. The award recognized Indiana’s program for exceeding six goals set at the national level relating to graduation rates, postsecondary education, job placement and other significant milestones.

JAG Indiana’s achievements for the 2022-23 school year include:

-95% graduation rate (national goal is 90%)

-83% full-time employment rate (national goal is 80%)

-82% positive outcome rate (national goal is 80%)

-96% maintain contact with student through their first year after high school (national goal is 91.5%)

-72% job placement rate, including military (national goal is 60%)

-39% further education rate (national goal is 35%)

“JAG Indiana students continue to achieve amazing results that will set them up for success now and later in life,” said Brianna Morse, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s director of youth initiatives.

Since 2006, more than 40,000 students have participated in JAG Indiana with 95% graduating from high school.

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