Owls lose to Greenwood 51-49


The Seymour Owls kicked off their 2023 season against Greenwood on Friday night at Bulleit Stadium.

It was senior night in Seymour, so all Owls seniors were recognized for their hard work and dedication to the football program. The game was an high scoring shootout, combining for 100 points. The Owls would drop the game 51-49, as Greenwood overcame a 9 point first-half deficit to win.

“We scored 49 points and didn’t come out with the win.” Owls head coach Tyson Moore said. “That hurts, and we didn’t do enough to get the win. We were not great on either side of the ball, even though we scored 49 points. Let’s be honest, we still left three touchdowns on the board. We played three-fourths of the game with momentum and all they needed was the last fourth. We’re for sure disappointed in ourselves after this one.”

The game started in favor of Seymour, who only needed two plays to score on offense. Quarterback Bret Perry found Jaylan Johnson for an easy 65-yard touchdown. The Owls stands went ballistic as Seymour took the early 6-0 lead.

Bret Perry found Jaylan Johnson for a 65-yard touchdown to send the stands into a frenzy. The Owls needed just two plays on offense to score. Seymour would then force the Woodsmen to punt on a three and out.

The next drive, Perry found Johnson again for an easy twenty-yard gain to bring the Owls into the red zone. From the six, Perry just missed Jack Pennington for a touchdown. Seymour would then try for a field goal attempt from Pennington. He would miss the 30 yard attempt to the left, giving Greenwood the ball at their own 20 yard line.

Greenwood’s Amare Middleton caught a 76 yard touchdown after a deep throw from Riddle. Greenwood then missed their extra point as well.

Seymour got the ball back, Perry tried to hit Pennington down the field. The pass would fall incomplete but officials would call pass interference on the Woodsmen. A few plays later on a second and 17, Perry found Kyle Hileman wide open down the left sideline for an easy reception. Hileman then got free in the end zone, allowing Perry to pick up his second touchdown pass of the night. The touchdown put the Owls up 12-6. Pennington’s extra point was good, putting Seymour up seven with a few minutes left in the first quarter.

Greenwood got the ball and began moving down the field, Riddle then got free around midfield and scrambled inside the 30 for the Woodsmen with one and a half minutes to go. Greenwood then mishandled the ball and it was recovered by the Owls. Will Mahoney ended up with the recovery. After a few plays, Perry then hit Johnson for another 65 yard touchdown, giving Johnson video-game 65-year-like numbers with his 145 yards receiving through the first quarter. The Owls were scoring in bunches, ending the first quarter with a 20-6 lead.

Greenwood started the drive in the second quarter. Riddle marched the Woodsmen into Seymour territory, hitting Middleton for another touchdown. Greenwood cut the deficit to 20-12.

Perry then hit Hileman down the middle of the field, an incoming Greenwood defender swatted the ball from behind to knock the ball loose. The Woodsmen recovered the ball and began their next drive on their own 40.

Riddle hit Middleton for his third touchdown of the night on a bubble screen. Middleton got his block and went all the way down the sideline to only be down two points. The Woodsmen tried to tie the game and converted, tying the game up at 20 with 8:39 left in the first half. Greenwood attempted an onside kick after the score, but failed. The failure gave the Owls prime real estate in terms of field position. Needing only 46 yards for a touchdown, the Owls converted a 3rd and 1.

Perry then rolled to his left, hitting Hileman for another easy completion. He then hit Jack Pennington for a one. Perry then rolled to his left, hitting Hileman for another easy completion. He then hit Jack Pennington for a deep completion, bringing the Owls into the Red Zone once again. The team capitalized as Nicholas Wheeler punched the ball in for Seymour with his 11 yard touchdown run with 3:28 to go in the second quarter. The game was now 35-20 in favor of the Owls. After a touchback, Greenwood began their drive on the 20 with four minutes left in the first half.

Riddle then hit Brady Cave for a five-yard touchdown, the final touchdown of the first half. Greenwood cut the deficit to 35-26. Riddle then came back with a 20 yard rushing touchdown to open the second half, cutting the lead to just three.

Bret Perry then showcased his speed, scrambling down the sideline for a 68 yard touchdown. The Owls now led 42-32, but the Woodsmen came back. On their following possession, they drove the ball down the field, getting into the red zone.

Greenwood responded with another touchdown pass from Riddle. Now it was 42-38 in favor of the Owls. Logan Shelly had a long reception down the sideline, but the play was called back due to a block in the back violation. Seymour would be forced to punt, giving Greenwood the chance to take the lead.

It was a back and forth battle all game. Greenwood would then score on a 13 yard run from Alan Burnett. Greenwood took their first lead of the entire contest, leading 45-42 with 32 seconds left in the third quarter. Perry led the Owls back on the field, handing the ball to Johnson for his first carry onto the rush netted 20 yards for Seymour. Nicholas Wheeler and Perry then led the offense to the red zone again with 11 minutes in the game.

Greenwood held their ground, forcing the Owls to go for it and they wouldn’t get it. Greenwood now controlled the ball with 10 to go. On 3rd and 24, Greenwood converted thanks to a catch from Middleton, the receiver got free all night long for the Woodsmen. On 4th and 6, Greenwood then scored a 36 yard touchdown caught by Tanner Crouch. The score put the Woodsmen up 51-42, the extra point was missed again. It was now time for Seymour to get to work, Perry first found Johnson for a deep catch, Johnson mossed his defender for the reception. Perry then threw the ball to Shelly to pick up another first down.

Perry got a chance to move outside the pocket and connected with Pennington for a 12 yard touchdown. After the extra point, it was just a 51-49 lead for the Woodsmen. Greenwood had the ball and on 3rd and 2 but committed a false start violation. Greenwood would convert the third down conversion on a 9 yard run from Alan Burnett. Greenwood would line up in victory formation, taking the two point win.

“There were many opportunities that we had in this game. Both sides of the game we were disappointed with how we played,” Moore said.

High School Football

Woodsmen, 51 Owls, 49

Greenwood (1-0) 6 20 19 6 -51

Seymour (0-1) 15 20 7 7 – 49

First quarter:


S: Bret Perry pass to Jaylan Johnson for a 65 yard touchdown (PAT No Good) 11:06 S: Bret Perry pass to Kyle Hileman for a 6 yard touchdown. (PAT is good) 4:12 S: Bret Perry to Jaylan Johnson for a 65 yard touchdown. (PAT is good) 0:18


G: Brock Riddle pass to Amare Middleton for a 76 yard touchdown (PAT No Good) 6:41

Second quarter:


S:Bret Perry pass to Kyle Hileman for a 33 yard touchdown (2PT converted) 6:58 S: Nicholas Wheeler 11 yard touchdown run. (PAT is good) 3:28


G: Brock Riddle pass to Amare Middleton for a 42 yard touchdown. (2PT Failed) 9:56 G:Brock Riddle pass to Amare Middleton for a 65 yard touchdown. (2PT converted) 8:39 G: Brock Riddle pass to #89 for a 5 yard touchdown (2PT Failed) 0:23

Third quarter:


S: Bret Perry 68 yard rushing touchdown. (PAT Good) 8:15


G: Brock Riddle 20 yard rushing touchdown. (2PT Failed) 8:35 G: Brock Riddle pass to Chase Monroe for a 5 yard touchdown. (2PT failed). 4:00

Fourth quarter:


S: Bret Perry pass to Jack Pennington for a 12 yard touchdown, (PAT is good) 4:30


G: Brock Riddle pass to Tanner Crouch for a 36 yard touchdown. (PAT Failed) 6:29

Seymour Individual Statistics


Nicholas Wheeler, 15 attempts, 84 yards, 1 TD’s

Bret Perry, 3 attempts, 77 yards, 1 TD’s

Cameron Wheeler 2 attempts, 0 yards.

Logan Shelly 1 attempt, -5 yards.


Bret Perry

Attempts: 25-for-34, 453 yards, 5 TD’s


Jaylan Johnson, is 8 receptions, 248 yards, 2 TD’s

Kyle Hileman, 6 receptions, 121 yards, 2 TD’s

Jack Pennington, 4 receptions, 70 yards, 1 TD

Nicholas Wheeler, 2 receptions, 9 yards,

Logan Shelly, 2 receptions, 15 yards,

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