Trinity boys ready to pounce in soccer


Trinity Lutheran boys soccer coach Todd Jack is hoping to have a lot of questions answered about his team on Saturday.

Both Trinity teams will scrimmage that day with the girls going to Jennings County and the boys to Scottsburg.

Jack is starting his third season with the Trinity boys and is working with 17 players.

Seniors on the boys roster are Trenton Burton, Andrew Lemming, Connor Nichols, Peyton Pollert, Levi Pottschmidt and Zander Raggow.

Jack looks for more leadership from his seniors.

“I’m still waiting to see who is going to rise to the top in this group,” he said. “They’re a great group together, but there has not been a clear one that stands out as a leader so far.”

Jack said he would have a better idea of what positions the players will fill after seeing them Saturday.

“It depends on how things shape up at the jamboree at Scottsburg,” he said. “We have two scrimmages (against Henryville and Scottsburg). Within those two scrimmages, I plan to try a couple things out as far as formations and personnel, and hopefully, that will give me some answers going forward to our first game (Aug. 19 at Rising Sun).”

Pollert returned as the starting goalie last year.

“This is a game that Peyton would be the first one to tell you that soccer is not his first sport,” Jack said. “He has athleticism oozing out of his pores. The kid is just an athlete, so when it comes to that position, it is a position that requires a lot of athleticism. He is still picking up on the experimental things.

”He had a lot of great work and time in goal last year getting to put that experience in,” Jack said. “We’re hoping to get him more practice during the week where we can work one-on-one and start tightening up to where he wants to bolster his confidence in certain areas.”

Pottschmidt is in the offense, and Jack said he is either going to be on the wing or in the midfield. Lemming will be center midfield, and Jack said he expects him to really own that position.

The Cougars coach said Raggow can be valuable at several different positions, while Burton played outside right back last year but may change positions, and Nichols can help the team at midfield.

Kade Gillaspy is the only junior on the roster.

“Those in the soccer world, he is a carbon copy of Erling Haaland (Manchester City),” Jack said. “Kade is an incredible physical specimen. He has been working to fill an offensive position. I expect him to be in the starting lineup as a striker.”

The coach said sophomores Levi Curry, John Harris and Ezra VanCuren have improved their play since last season because of playing club soccer.

“I feel like we’re going to have a really good offense this year,” Jack said. “On the turn of that, our defense has the holes now, and we’ll probably have a lot more youth there than seniority. It’s going to take a lot of communication between our midfield and our defenders, and I think by game time, that won’t be a problem. Our goal is to have a winning season. I want them to give 100% effort. If they give 100% effort, then on my coach’s sheet, I’ll mark that as a win.”

Trinity will host a boys sectional again this year.

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