Alan Winslow: The second greatest fraud in history


Catastrophic global warming or climate change science (global warming, for short), a 40-year-old tinker-toy political monstrosity, is world history’s second greatest fraud.

Socialism, whether Hitler’s National Socialism (Nazism) or Lenin-Stalin’s International Socialism (communism), ranks as history’s No. 1 fraud, and because socialist behaviors were so bloody, it is in a category all its own.

But so-called human-caused global warming science and its required ending of fossil fuel burning and CO2 emissions comes in at the No. 2 fraud spot.

The fraudulence arises, not because there is no global warming or shifting climate but because it has been declared to be “catastrophic.” And when you’re using “catastrophe-type” language, you’re talking widespread disaster, widespread suffering and thereby intentionally generating a general fear to manipulate vulnerable people.

That is evil. That is a great lie. That is a nasty thing to do to citizens and especially kids. Certainly, no teacher in our county would evoke this fear in their students.

And still, no scientific entity has demonstrated that CO2 and warming is a danger, much less catastrophically so. (Please refer to my July 13 column.)

Compounding the fraud of impending climate catastrophe comes the grandiose idea that government regulation can maintain America’s energy supply and simultaneously control Earth’s temperature by effectively ending fossil fuel energy use. This is a lie on two accounts:

1. The renewable energy trinity — wind-solar-battery — cannot nearly match the needed reliability and energy capacity America needs and will increasingly need. Renewables are intermittent, unreliable sources and will require a redundant backup of the fossil fuel system. Renewable energy will always lead to energy shortfalls (England and Germany have had to return to coal burning to maintain sufficient energy for heating in the winter) and increased costs. Your energy bill will not lie.

2. If America stopped all fossil fuel use tomorrow, there would be no detectable temperature reduction in the world. In 75 years, there might be a fraction of a degree difference (an example of big cost and negligible benefit).

This fraud has other nasty elements. The United Nations controls the most significant climate assessment organization in the world, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. They are tasked with proving that climate change is caused by man’s fossil fuel use. They are not charged with gaining knowledge about how the climate works, what causes different climate shifts or even the impact of natural climate variability on global warming or cooling. They may only pay attention to man-caused climate changes.

Now, we know the Earth has warmed about 2 degrees F. since 1750. Could any of that be due to natural factors? The UN does not permit the IPCC to investigate this. Only man’s burning of fossil fuels can be explored. Hence, any warming will be attributed to man and fossil fuel burning and the resulting CO2 emissions.

Interestingly, the first few IPCC reports, 1990 and 1996, were actually done with some accuracy and indicated there was little to worry about regarding warming and man’s impact. However, the UN objected to this result and began to manipulate and coerce successive IPCC studies to identify a serious man-caused warming problem.

The last report, a year or so old now, proclaimed there was a climate emergency and it was now “code red for humanity.” (Demonstrating that climate science is lap dog to its political pay-masters.)

More fraud:

In 2008 and 2009, a scandal was reported at the highly regarded Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University in England. Called “Climategate” at the time, emails of top-tier climate scientists revealed their refusal to share data, data manipulation and alteration and professional retaliation against global warming skeptics. If your science is weak, what else can you do?

And yet more:

Finally, we come to the United States and its National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Aeronautical and Space Administration, major governmental players in the global warming scheme. A 2017 study of NOAA/NASA temperature record activity reveals they grossly manipulated the temperature record. They altered past temperature records and thus were able to hide the warming and cooling cycles of the past. This made atmospheric CO2 increases look causal to warming increases (a study by Wallace, D’Aleo and Idso) that led to an EPA conclusion that CO2 was an endangering gas. Try telling that to your petunias tomorrow.

And added to this, we have hundreds and thousands of global warming-affirmative media reports (our very own lap dogs to power) with repeated assertions hammering away on the “fact” of global warming. As they say, “If you tell a lie often enough …”

Of course, you decide for yourself. What’s fraud and what’s fact?

Just a few humble facts for your consideration…

(Dr. Judith Curry deserves credit for the bulk of arguments presented in this column.)

Alan Winslow, a resident of Seymour, occasionally writes a column for The Tribune. Send comments to [email protected].

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