Letter to the editor: Restoring our communities


To the editor:

How do we as a nation restore traditional standards of love and respect for neighbors and the community we are all a part of?

To begin, we must rebuild our ties to each other as a family. Then they must rebuild relationships with our neighbors and the greater community and then unite as a nation.

The base of the traditional family is religion and regular worship. Here is where the understanding of traditional family becomes difficult to describe.

What do we mean by religion and worship?

The Bible doesn’t directly describe what is a family. Two parents, one employed while the other tends the home, raising children supported by grandparents, is implied but never directly described. Religion is described as respecting and honoring God. Throughout the Bible, we see laws, rules and guidelines of all sorts. These are all described as sins and that which separate us from the love of God and what is a righteous lifestyle. We soon learn that we can’t live without sinning and that righteousness is an abstract concept. So how does religion aid in restoring our communities?

Society’s laws are based on the Bible’s rules and laws. We learn to love and respect through our efforts to show the righteousness learned as part of a church. A church is not a building with a steeple and cross on top. Rather, it is the goodhearted people inside that make it their business to show and bring the forgiving love of God to the world. Over the last two or three generations, life has gotten out of hand as we slowly drifted away from organized religion and brought the sad state of affairs that exist across our country.

That little church on the hill is Scipio with just a handful of faithful worshipers trying to buck that trend and restore righteousness to our communities.

Over a year ago, they made the decision to dedicate their mission support to the assorted groups in need across the county. They range from feeding and support for the hungry and homeless directly to supporting United Way. These few faithful people cannot do it by themselves.

They need your support. By joining them in these efforts, I am confident that we will soon see improvements in Jennings County. With improved relations within our families, seeing less anger and conflict and the pain that comes with it is replaced with love.

William Gerhard, Scipio

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