Multiagency exercise to occur at Cortland Elementary


If you see flashing lights from police, firefighters and emergency medical services at Cortland Elementary School on June 9, do not be alarmed.

A multiagency response exercise will be conducted that day focusing on a response to a catastrophic gas release of anhydrous ammonia overtaking the school.

Seymour Community School Corp., Jackson County Emergency Management Agency, Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, Seymour Police Department, Schneck Medical Center, Seymour Fire Department, Hamilton Township Volunteer Fire Department, Premier Companies and Jackson County Emergency Medical Services will be the agencies participating in this exercise.

The toxic gas release will be simulated, and this exercise will be examining the multiagency response to many different factors in this type of situation.

Responses to entrapped students and staff within the building, student and staff fatalities, building evacuation and offsite reunification, communication strengths and weaknesses between agencies, supplies and equipment of emergency services for response and utilization of existing equipment and evaluation of equipment and training needs will all be examined.

Children from the SRO Summer Leadership Camp will be participating in the exercise at the school.

Their parents will be participating in the reunification at First Baptist Church on Community Drive in Seymour to help school and police personnel practice the evacuation, reunification and security of children and their parents.

Reporters are invited to take part in a mock press conference with agency leadership to provide public information officers the experience of providing proper information and responses to reporters and the public in a timely and professional manner.

Critiques are welcome.

The agencies will be gathering in Cortland between 8 and 8:30 a.m. with a 9 a.m. kickoff. The exercise is expected to conclude by noon.

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