Just call students by their name


To the editor:

I am in full agreement with Mr. Leppert in his column. As a nurse practitioner, I have cared for many folks of all ages with gender dysphoria and a request to be called by their preferred name and gender. I am happy to do so, as it assists in developing a positive therapeutic relationship. I do not do anything that actively assists with the transition, but keep in mind what health concerns they may have and support their journey. This allows for a better experience for both of us and allows for better success in negotiating for a plan of care. It is consistent with my belief for culturally sensitive care. I adapt my approach to care based upon the needs and beliefs of my patients rather than force mine on them.

At every job I have had, I have cis (i.e. assigned gender matches their internal gender) folks who go by a nickname or middle name. I address them by their preferred name. My entire time in school at every level, my instructors asked, “What do you prefer to be called?” and it was never an issue. It is only now that the “pearl clutching” “representatives” are worked up for a nonissue that pronouns and preferred names are an issue.

I know that the majority of folks that I have met in this area do not care about this issue. They are too afraid to speak up for the beautiful people who are being discriminated against, as it is tough to do so. We are all better than what the politicians are pushing. What I call myself and who I love as consenting adults does not affect anyone negatively. Your beliefs are just that, your beliefs. I am willing to accept them, but I do not have to support them or have them forced on me. Hate has no business in schools, and bullying is not allowed. We should be supporting each other, not tearing each other down.

Greg Fillenwarth, Seymour

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