Is The Tribune fulfilling its purpose by removing ‘Dilbert?’


To the editor:

I am missing my favorite cartoon, “Dilbert,” removed apparently because its creator dared to practice freedom of speech. Wow!

Wondering how many people remember when the Seymour Tribune was a locally owned newspaper. Its purpose was “The truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Then it was bought out and the purpose became “Making a difference” or something like that. I wondered at the time “What does that mean? Is this new company trying to change our culture?”

Now, after being purchased by an even larger corporation, the purpose is “Connecting people, building community and improving life.”

With the removal of many people’s favorite cartoon, “Dilbert,” I am wondering how they think this action is fulfilling their purpose.

“Shunning” is now being practiced? Isn’t that something that some religions do to discipline wayward members?

Wow! Just wow!

Linda McCormick, Brownstown

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