Letter to the editor: Righteous living only way for safety in our lives


To the editor:

I saw an interesting post on Facebook from Garden Daily Ideas: “When it comes down to it, the only knowledge that really matters is how to purify water, how to grow your own food, how to cook, how to build and how to love. And funnily enough, we’re not taught any of it in school.”

Then again on the news of a university, there was another mass killing. With that came the cry again to regulate gun access. With the news report was a comment 70% of the weapons used didn’t belong to the user and were legal and many of the killers were banned from owning the weapons they used.

This tells me that the problem is not guns. It is people. I’ve said it before. Laws don’t protect you from evil. Prejudice, hate or any violence against another can’t be regulated by laws. Those bent on such evil just ignore the laws.

The die is cast for the time being. We must do what seems prudent to protect students in schools and places where people gather. It is a sad inconvenience for the vast majority that live in this country.

For change to come, we must raise up a fresh generation and train our children in what is a virtuous life. They must learn that righteous living is the only way for safety in our daily lives. It starts with God-fearing Christian family life. Regular attendance in our houses of worship. Our schools must emphasize morality.

We have raised several generations of young people that think only of self-centered greed and the worship of the dollar. There must be a return to what constitutes a righteous life.

Our Bibles must be our guiding light. Relearn and understand the 10 commandments. From Exodus to Revelations, we read that righteousness is grounded in love and caring for others the defenseless widows, orphans or immigrants, anyone that may need a little assistance.

We might look closely at what our schools teach or what is accessible to our children. Some nonpublic schools are one step toward change, but caution is needed. Virtuous isn’t always righteous. We must step out with our neighbors just as those on the radical fringes of our society do and demand a return to a God-fearing moral lifestyle in our communities. Politically correct isn’t always righteous.

William Gerhard, Scipio

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