Alan Winslow: Teaching evolution theory: Teaching monkey business


It doesn’t matter if it’s called Darwin’s Theory of Evolution or the more modern theory called Neo-Darwinism.

Nor does it matter if Neo-Darwinism is expanded in new ways. Darwin’s evolution theory remains 100% fictional foolishness, and teaching evolution theory is complete monkey business.

But teach it they do.

And teach it they will.


Biology authorities declare that evolution theory is an indisputable fact and that “nothing in Biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” (T. Dobzhansky) Hence, they require educators to teach it as fact. And in line with that, they insist that evolution be taught as the sole permissible explanation for the origin and development of life on Earth.

The tale they tell is that a half-billion years ago, self-created cells began to self-modify in order to better fit the environment. Modifications, winning against nature’s stresses, mounted and accumulated. And finally, through an enormous span of time and an astronomical number of unguided, slight, successive mutation-modifications, nature alone evolved … a


And of course, every other living thing. (Evolution theory is biblical in its scope, no?)

Darwin called this evolution process “descent with modification.”

I propose, contrariwise, that the evolution process be called “descent into deception.”

Why? Simple.

Darwin published his theory without confirming evidence. After 164 years, no one has produced one bit of evidence proving this momentous theory.

But teach it they do.

And teach it they will.

So to contest this instruction in silliness, let me set straight some common evolution theory misinformation.

-Antibiotic resistance in microorganisms is not evolution. It is no more than intra-species (within species) variation.

-Haeckel’s embryos, the Archeopteryx, England’s peppered moths and Darwin’s famed finches are paraded through school texts as proof of evolution. Yet, they have been disproved and/or demonstrated to be frauds for decades.

-Shared anatomical, biochemical and genetic similarities amongst all mammals reveal nothing more than … shared anatomical, biochemical and genetic similarities. To state that similarity proves evolution theory is a “declaration” without evidence, a common technique used by biology authorities.

-Selective animal breeding, an ancient and modern practice, begins and ends with the same species. No evolution occurs. But this example can be used as an enticement for young minds to accept evolution theory.

-Polar bear descent from the brown bear again is only intra-species variation (plus a very cool-looking bear). The two can still mate. Once again, no proof of evolution found here.

-The fossil evolutionary lineage of the whale from land mammal to aquatic giant is a conjectural ordering of the fossil record. Let’s call this evolution by imagination.

-Likewise for equine evolution, said to be based on the fossil record. It is rather a clever sorting of the fossil record deck to make horse evolution appear factual. Instead, it is evolution “proved” by shuffling the evidence.

Now, continuing to expose educational absurdity, let’s look at evidence that should be fatal to the teaching of this grand theory, this “indisputable fact.”

-The fossil record has never confirmed Darwin’s theory after nearly two centuries of investigation. Where are all those chains of ancestors each species is supposed to have? They don’t exist.

-There is no evidence proving that a species can evolve into new a species by the mutation-modification process. In fact, the mutation process typically results in defective offspring, not species advancement. As the late Stephen J. Gould, a pro-evolution paleontologist, has noted, fossil evidence demonstrates that species display remarkably stubborn stable histories through their time of existence with no evidence of evolving.

-Population genetics’ time calculations indicate that a Darwinian mutation-modification process would be far too slow to generate plant and animal kingdoms, even if life had begun several billion years ago.

-Darwin’s unguided, random mutation-modification-selection mechanism, said to underlie the evolution process, fails to theoretically demonstrate how a step-at-a-time mechanism can build complex irreducible biological systems, such as, for example, an eye, a wing or the multi-stage blood-clotting process.

And still, even more unfavorable evidence is available in the literature.

Regardless, our biology authorities respond to all this with well-educated sneers, smugly confident that evolution theory is beyond all objection.

What can we conclude from this?

When it comes to evolution, facts must never be allowed to ruin a beloved theory. Evidence can be dismissed when inconvenient. Deception is permissible.

And as a consequence,

… teaching evolution theory equals teaching monkey business.

And teach it they do.

And teach it they will.

…as more children are groomed to forsake St. John’s pretty darn good news for a Darwinian delusion.

(Writings and videos of Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, Paul Nelson, Jonathan Wells and Douglas Axe have provided the information for this column.)

Alan Winslow, a resident of Seymour, occasionally writes a column for The Tribune. Send comments to [email protected].

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